Customer Reviews

  • VSC2

    by Urban Harmonics
    Nice Compressor, thx & greetings from Berlin!
  • Gem

    by EA
    Wanted it for ever l. Finally got it. Worth every penny.
  • Vertigo VSC-2

    by famousbass
    My goto compressor for bass gtr, ac pno and ac gtr.
    I cannot hear any distortion on transients when I lay it on an ac pno recording. You can go very hard and it still sounds like vivid and intentional.
    As for bass gtr, it's a godsend. I have rarely strayed off the suggestion in the included bass guitar preset.
    Transparent on ac gtrs, it never chokes the sound.
    It's gotta be the best all round compressor I've ever used in the box.
  • One of the best compressors

    by EirikA
    This one is glued to my drumbus.
    I was sold from the first time I heard it. From subtle to crush. It just works!
    Really works on acoustic guitars.
    Should be in every engineers toolkit.
  • Vertigo VSC-2

    by Piotr
    Great compressor! Absolutely not just like the other good compressor. It is its own kind.
  • Amazing

    by mdiazvelez
    Just an amazing tool to add character and no color to your mixes! I was looking for Vertigo emulations, and I love it. I knew hardware one... and this one meets and exceed my expectations.
  • Vertigo VSC-2

    by Sean Gillespie
    I have quite a few software compressors and this is easily the best when it comes to transparency. The VSC-2 controls dynamics in such an inconspicuous way. The "soft" setting fixes problems other compressors struggle with, saving time having to go in and tediously automate. It's also very resource friendly.
  • A-List Bus Comp

    by rhysmix
    This has become my new go-to bus compressor (pop, electronic, and hip-hop styles over here mostly). It's sparkly and clear sounding and brings up the bed without squashing leads and kicks in a special way. The "Soft" ratio is fantastic for this sort of thing, although the on my last mix I tried a punchier setting -- 4:1, -dB gain reduction -- and it worked out beautifully as well.
    It also works brilliantly on vocals, when the warmth and smoothness of an opto is too slow and the bite of an 1176 is too much.
    It is also my new favorite drum squasher; it sort of feels like a more subtle and clear-sounding distressor.
    Finally the limiting settings are actually pretty handy; it can completely brickwall transients without crushing the life out of them.
    In short -- it feels to me like a more versatile-but-equally-killer G comp, and as a lover of the G comp I am thrilled to be able to use that sound in more detailed and subtle ways.
    Bravo, Brainworx!
  • VSC-2

    by Rectifried
    Awesome piece.. gives a lot of options but still very straight ahead.. drums , 2 bus.. bass ,vx ..anything..PA does it again
    Love that this is a real HW orig piece, PA has found some of the cooler HW artisan pieces and modeled them very well.
    could use mix knob... but what the heck, just be a big man and deal Ha!
  • Vertigo - VSC2

    by James Dymond
    I absolutely LOVE this compressor! After buying I've been using it in every single track.
    I've found it's incredibly versitile and can be used over various different sounds. Dropping it on my Kick & Bass bus with a few DB of compression really helps to glue my low to low-mid together. Or adding it to my kick or snare channels to add that amazing analogue sounding punch!
    I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for the “all-in-one” analogue moddled compressor.