Customer Reviews

  • I like the sound.

    by Dekcon
    It's a good plugin, its sound I like a lot, it's very fast, I also like the release Auto option. I use it for mastering. Good buy. ;)
  • The far!

    by Anthony Lee
    Like most of us, I've tested out alot of compressors over the years, either demoing or buying. I get consistently the best results with this one on the mix buss - really gives a fantastic lift in the presence range as well as the obvious need for 'glue'. Very highly recommended.
  • vsc2

    by aimusic
    damn good.. it is glueing all of my project buss comp..
    your "tone" will reveal with this item..not only your sound but a whole song will have a good "tone"
    it easy and so simple and it is look like the hardware that I have been use like TKBC1 and SSL also..
    so it's emulate analog console.
    and its good for mastering value for future. good job Brainworx ! its help our audio engineer to fine their Tone...
  • Vertigo VSC-2

    by Jack
    Good alternative to the usual suspects that I use on my 2-bus. Haven't figured out what the 'zoom' area is on the threshold make-up gain controls as the manual doesn't say how to access it. It's not a clean compressor and I didn't expect it to be. Will it work on all genres? No. Does need to be followed up with a limiter.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks for taking the time to rate this plugin! We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble finding more information on some of the features of the VSC-2. If you'd like to learn more, we'll be happy to help. Please just write us a tech support ticket and describe in more detail the issue you're having with the "zoom feature" and we'll get back to you!
  • VSC-2

    by little cloud
    How am I supposed to find words to explain how happy I am to own this gadget. I literally prayed that God would make this come up as a special for me as I've been a bit short of cash recently, The trial ran out but I was using it on everything well almost everything...I didn't use it on my coffee ha ha. It must be a depth of coding or something but this sounds so much like a hardware compressor it may as well be one. I've been waiting for years to hear this level of nuances available in software. While I'm at it...Console...mamamia what can I say...I have owned a Neve console brought from a radio station in Perth Australia so I know that sound.... I put console up against at least 10 other software versions of strip emulations in 2 different songs and it ate everything else like a big monster. I mean I pushed the volume and it just would not sound bad all the others every single one of them did not do that even the ones I love. I will keep buying stuff from Brainworx from now on whenever I can as there is nothing Ive bought from them so far that hasn't been surprisingly brilliant. Thank you very much for this VSC-21
  • Amazing Sound

    by Brainworx bx_console E
    Amazing Sound .. My mix now have a very Prestige Polish with VERTIGO .i'm very happy with this plugin thanks to Plugin Alliance to make awesome tools . att DOMINIK
  • Timiryan Manapov

    by timirjan@yandex
    My favorite plugins!!!
  • Vertigo Comp

    by JH Studio
    One of my main interests in building an arsenal of software has been in Mastering. VCA bus compressors are the go to when it comes to the subtle "glue" in a final product. The VSC-2 is so clean that you don't even know it's there, yet it's already done it's job. This is now my favorite compressor for Mastering my songs.
  • VSC-2 excellent

    by Chris Bernhardt
    amazing plugin - VSC-2 gives you exactly that little punch witch you need if you don`t know what you need , but you know that it needs something ! - excellent
  • Vertigo VSC-2 Review

    by Dean Hajas
    I'm an independent producer / engineer / writer / and publisher, and have owned several studios including a 12,000 square foot Church Recording Studio. The gear of recording is an integral part of the selection, and just like painting, every element of colour you choose, alters the final perception of the person(s) viewing / audio experience. BX Brainworx is always on the cutting edge of innovations in creating the most accurate Plugins, that I have come to depend on a selection that gives me the colours I know I can count on, through the entire process of audio. The Vertigo VSC-2 is one that I reach for without a doubt on several tracks including the Drums Buss. It is reliable in body that builds sonic presence forward in your mix, without adding harshness, or artifacts that get unpleasant to the ears of the listener. It has a most realistic sound texture that always brings out the essence of the impact of the drums, and tones that tend to get a bit buried in digital recording / mixing process. What I truly love about the VSC-2, is that it's threshold during use with gain increase, brings out the best of the instruments, or even vocals, while retaining the natural clarity of the original recording, but with the enhancement of compression without loosing the intent of the performance in any way. It's a true work horse that I love using on every mix, and responds just the way you would expect from the hardware, without having to purchase one for every channel you want to have this quality of compression design on. Two Golden Thumbs up to the team and Dirk Ulrich in the pursuit of very professional representations and creativities behind every Plugin made available, with World Class standards I've come to depend upon.