Customer Reviews

  • VSM-3

    by 4th Disciple
    This plugin was a sleeper for me, wow was I wrong... This will be in plenty use.
  • Nice plugin!

    by C_Valenzuela
    It takes the sound to a new level, more organic and analog-ish. Bring life back to dull tracks and gives a great sound overall. Nice one!
  • It has it all!

    by Krešimir Bikić
    I picked this one up when on sale not long ago. Not bad choice at all! Not at all! At first it gives you to think but walking thru the Manual and testing with a few different sources gives you clear image how powerful can it be and the result it can give you. I would recommend it to all. Like so many PA stuff this one also is really great at what it does. So, if you're in business of getting a Saturation engine and want to be sure in results, have a ton of possibilities and flexibility in your mono or stereo image and working in M/S as well - get it!
  • VSM-3

    by MrChunk
    The VCM-3 is a Must for any Mastering Project. Its the secret sauce...
  • Vertigo VSM-3

    by Amazing!!
    This Plugin really lifts my music into another dimension. From very professional demo to shiny high gloss production.
    WOW!!! Definitely the best plugin I have bought in a long time!!
  • Vertigo VSM-3

    by Sio
  • Indispensible

    by Russ Muller Sound
    From the very first time I tried it, this plugin hasn't left my 2-bus chain. I also find myself grabbing it for my drum bus or snare. It adds a fullness and energy that I simply can't replicate otherwise. You will use it on every mix.
  • VSM 3

    by Andrew Downes
    I am unsure as to why it took me so long to discover this, but now I have I'm using it everywhere!
    Most of the saturation plugins I have effect the whole frequency spectrum, this one gives you the option of only using the bandwidth you want and this makes it a game changer.
    For the first time I am reminded of how I remember the sound coming back off tape especially for drums, bass and guitars. Being able to push just the low mids on a drum-kit just makes them sound right in a mix.
  • The Cheat Code

    by Thunderbird Juicebox
    I won’t settle for anything less when treating low-end content. Nothing I’ve used in 10+ years gives bass such a clear presence on weak speakers, while retaining the character it needs in subwoofers.
  • Impressive plugin - great for mastering.

    by Thomas
    This plugin is simply amazing - tweak it right and it´ll do wonders on your mixes. Really great for clearing up muddiness and to give tracks beef and bite - definitely a five star - love it :-) Got mine with a discount - the VSM-3 is definitely deserve five stars