Customer Reviews

  • Vertigo VSM-3

    by Sio
  • Indispensible

    by Russ Muller Sound
    From the very first time I tried it, this plugin hasn't left my 2-bus chain. I also find myself grabbing it for my drum bus or snare. It adds a fullness and energy that I simply can't replicate otherwise. You will use it on every mix.
  • VSM 3

    by Andrew Downes
    I am unsure as to why it took me so long to discover this, but now I have I'm using it everywhere!
    Most of the saturation plugins I have effect the whole frequency spectrum, this one gives you the option of only using the bandwidth you want and this makes it a game changer.
    For the first time I am reminded of how I remember the sound coming back off tape especially for drums, bass and guitars. Being able to push just the low mids on a drum-kit just makes them sound right in a mix.
  • The Cheat Code

    by Thunderbird Juicebox
    I won’t settle for anything less when treating low-end content. Nothing I’ve used in 10+ years gives bass such a clear presence on weak speakers, while retaining the character it needs in subwoofers.
  • Impressive plugin - great for mastering.

    by Thomas
    This plugin is simply amazing - tweak it right and it´ll do wonders on your mixes. Really great for clearing up muddiness and to give tracks beef and bite - definitely a five star - love it :-) Got mine with a discount - the VSM-3 is definitely deserve five stars
  • "Sublime!"

    by Rohan Firminger
    When I first tried the VSM-3 out, I did not understand it at all. I flipped through the presets and tried to work out how to fly this beast.
    However, once I found a youtube video by Saher Galt, it all made perfect sense:
    Now I literally use the Vertigo VSM-3 on EVERY project. It is in my elite circle of core plugins. It's just so essential to arriving at a highly defined mix with the right amount of warmth and harmonic coloring.
    I use this just about every time of vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, bass, strings, horns, etc etc.
    It is like a "magic" sculpting tool, in that you can do things that make certain tracks "pop out" in the mix, via for example using even harmonics in the mid signal, and odd in the side. It's uncanny just how effective this can be.
    It accumulates too. I use EQ separation to really highlight certain mix tracks to sit in the mix in a way that showcases them, but NOT at the expense of say a lead vocal or instrument. It can help say a snare cut through the mix, or a bass, or anything you can think of.
    I typically have a master version of the Vertigo VSM-3 sitting on all my master tracks, for a final tweaking of the final mix. It's astounding how subtle yet effective this can be.
    You can bring up the mids, or the highs, or pick one frequency range for the even harmonics and another for the odds, and specifically apply them to just the mid or the side.
    All I can say is WOW, what a huge difference this makes if you can master how to effectively utilize this plugin effectively. Personally I LOVE it. It's such a nice tool to have, and I use it all the time. I'm careful to not "overdo" it. I slowly calibrate the levels and the drive to suit.
    Check out Saher Galt's excellent video on this if the Vertigo VSM-3 isn't making sense. For me, this make it so clear and easy to use this very valuable and sublime plugin.
    I highly recommend working out how to use this (maybe via Saher's video), and then test driving it. If you're working on vocals in a mix, try the preset that gives even harmonics treatment to the mid, and odd harmonic treatment to the side. Check it out and put this on your lead vocal main bus and A/B the result.
    This is a major "Go To" Plugin for me now. I use it all the time, and frankly represents a fantastic enhancement capability for my mixes.
  • Vertigo VSM-3

    by Robbie
    This one is a gem. Shines at tasty broadband distortion, ranging from meaty to sparky. It’s hard to point weak points, since it works great on most sources and already proved very useful on tracks, groups and even mixbuss.
    Learning curve is fair, just take a few hours and experiment, fool around tweaking knobs and switches, and you’re good to go. At first it looks a bit intimidating with multitude of knobs and sections, but don’t get fooled by this. It’s superintuitive, logical and you really can’t go wrong if you commit these few hours to tweaking and listening.
    My favorite functions are Shape knob and the amazing Monitoring section with Distortion Solo three way toggle switch. Shape knob lets you carve color of your distortion from dark to bright. Monitoring/Distortion Solo won me instantly, it lets me listen to the portion of harmonics that I’m just about to apply to the signal and channel it to M, S and M+S. Just brilliant, so useful.
    I’m in love with this one. I have almost all distortion plugins available, from UAD’s Culture Vulture to all Fab Filter, OhmForce, Waves, 112dB, Klagenhelm, PSP, Unfiltered Audio, etc, etc. and VSM-3 turns out to be the most versatile and colourful of all.
  • VSM3

    by CALEY
    Une pure merveille
  • Incredible saturation options!

    by EAS Studios
    This has to be the most unsung plugin of so many mixers - theres a lot of control available with this plugin but its offered in a way that is still creative and inspiring to use. Theres only a handful of plugins that will let you balance the relationship between 2nd and 3rd order harmonics, and this one offers some essential controls for filtering/which bands to process/gain staging and how they're blended.
    Highly recommended!
  • Special Plugin

    by Antifluff
    Took me a bit to figure this one out, but it is, without question, a GREAT sounding plugin. Absolutely worth my investment. Was struck by the dimensionality it added to vocals and the way it sits them in the mix.
    The way in which it can bring out the side details using the M/S capabilities is also extremely useful and effective, I found it unique.
    -Special Plugin