Customer Reviews

  • Synth beefier

    by Stereotactic
    I want to say is good for everything but it is particularly good , or I should say Excellent for beefing up Synth Leads.
  • VSM-3

    by JH Studio
    I owned several very good saturation plugins before deciding to buy the
    VSM-3. I'd previously decided that I didn't need this one but then after looking more closely, I realized that it had "a sound" and features that were not present on my other software.
  • This thing does wonders.

    by kaiser_of_1kHz
    There is something truly useful about this plug in. It will bring a weedy snare or kick to life with the right bit of nudging. It does total tonal resculpturing and you can do it with minimal audible distortion. You can also trash the living f out of things, while sounding incredibly warm and lively.
  • Fantastic plugin

    by Ron
    I'd seen this plugin for years but never bothered to demo it. I recently got deep into saturation plugins so I fired up the demo and was blown away. You do have to understand how each control works and how it contributes to the end result, but once you get it, you're good to go.
    I love the mid-side parallel setup on tracks and master buss. Being able to target a frequency range with each section enhances the usability greatly. This is an unexpected gem. Don't overlook it if you're into saturation. This is high quality sound and great flexibility.
  • VSM-3

    by Stamatis
    Very versatile, multiparameter unit. Useful to blend the 2 mods and the drive, THD settings. Highly recommendable for busses, as a little is a lot. A bit taxing on CPU but well worth the delivered quality. The GUI is a bit mind boggling in the beginning
  • Fantastic

    by Chris Peker
    Absolutely fantastic harmonic generator with outstanding sound quality. I can't understand, how i worked without him before.
  • VSM-3

    by Yolc
    Great plugin! (and would be perfect with resizable GUI)
  • Vertigo VSM-3

    by Robert J
    I love this thing!
    It's much more than a saturator. I've used it on bass and guitars and it brings out with harmonic selection the content the instrument needs or is missing.
    Can't wait to use it for some mastering.
    Thanks Plugin Alliance for the great deals
    and plugins (of course)!
  • Great plugin

    by Timbo
    I love this plugin. Adds warmth the any source. Very happy with my purchase.
  • VSM-3

    by Bonebones
    Good little plug, adds lovely harmonics without sounding overdriven. A lush little plug which already is doing it's rounds. An updated with resizable GUI would be amazing.