Customer Reviews

  • thank you

    by mehmet akyüz
    Your price is a bit expensive but nice plugins we come because we live in turkey by high prices and discounts more often than you and I'm waiting for gifts
  • VSM-3 User review

    by Bourian Boubbov
    VSM-3 is, along with SPL Twin Tube, Black Box Audio HG-2 and bx_Saturator my go to saturation / distortion plugins. Plugin Alliance seems to magically :-P put out saturators that never cover exactly the same sonic ground (which means you need them all! ;OP)
    Let's get specific with the VSM-3. Being a non tube unit it adds a different kind of toughness to sounds. Its stand-out feature is the mid/side capabilities. A bassline, e.g., can be opened up nicely in the mids without affecting its lowest frequencies, adding grit and punch to the higher harmonics in the side signal, (so it cuts nicely through the "MIAX"!) while adding just a bit of low end weight to the mid part. A dry/wet dial is a wonderful thing to have, further enabling you to dial in exactly how much of the FX signal you want to be added to the original. But really I am only scratching the surface here. You can put both circuits in sequence or parallel, instead of trying to push frequencies on an eq, you can simply choose your frequency area, highs, hi mids, lows, all of the signal etc and just push that area . Boom! Instant character, clarity, punch, you name it! No other PA plugin is quite like it. Whereas the bx_Saturator is a lot more surgical in its frequency divisions, the VSM-3 is probably more the character pusher. bx_Saturator helps create the character, VSM-3 offers different directions for that character, if that makes sense.
    As such I love using this plugin on busses. Add thickness to synths, dirt, grit, anger or sustain to percussion or basses, tonality to bassdrums or basslines, Enhance perception on smaller systems (big one!)
    Or subtly (or not) firm out whole mixes. And I have not even touched the topic of vocals...!!!
    In the end you really need all of PA's distortion plugins and I am not pimping out here! (I don't need to, I have them ALL) They are all incredibly versatile and all offer something different to the most important area - sound. They all have distinct characters. Yes, an artist with a good ear will surely get close with any of these marvel tools but its the user interface that inspires a diffrerent approach with each one of these. Imagine only a few degrees off on a map... You end up in a completely different place...
  • Best I've Ever Worked With

    by Jay
    It's the saturation processor of my dreams. I can never imagine life without this in my mix or mastering sessions. Completely blown away. Don't think. Get this plugin!
  • This is a game changer for me

    by Alex
    I bought the Vertigo VSM-3 on a bit of a whim. I felt like there was a big hole in my drawer of saturation plugins, and I really needed something that could do subtle and wide. I'm such a huge fan of the Vertigo VSC-2 plugin, I picked up the VSM-3 without even demoing it, just on reputation of Vertigo/Brainworx alone. I was not disappointed. On my mix buss using the hifi preset as a starting point. The VSM-3 creates width in ways I've only heard before in the analog world. Whatever magic is happening here its so good you can't unhear it. So good you can't turn it off.

    by qris
    wow. for those looking for ultimate control over their saturation look no further. i've used this baby in production on drums, bass, synths, you name it! throw this puppy on any aux bus or master bus and dial in that fat saturated goodness.
  • vertigo

    by bilal
    One of my favorite plugins.
    I never play a bass without, it is formidable.
    try it you will adopt it.
  • Outstanding!!

    by Noise Implant Music
    I was eyeing this plugin for a while and snagged it when I got a great voucher deal on it. W E W! This plugin is absolutely amazing. Easy to use, love that there are no distracting graphics so you just use your ear. The distortion you get with this thing is incredible and it's amazing for enhancing or totally changing the characteristic of your source material. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

    by Unfiltered Audio BYOME
    I am so happy to have this plugins !! I strongly recommend it !1
  • Vertigo VSM-3

    by Domenico
    the color blue I use again and again. Now I am very happy about the new arrival of the yellow one ... and hopefully I'll get the red one soon.
    thank you plugin alliance :-)
  • Brilliant Vertigo VSM-3

    by Juergen
    I'm excited about this (maybe) underrated brilliant tool!!
    It can really enhance the sound with so many options to shape and fit it individually to the audio-material. In my ears it sounds fantastic. It adds so tasteful harmonics - when bypassing something is missing....
    I'm glad, I discovered this plugin and got it for the reduced price.
    All the best PluginAlliance!