Customer Reviews

  • VSM-7

    by Vindmannen
    It's just give this subtile character you looking for sometimes.
  • Best saturation plugin.

    by Sun
    Simply the best.

    by Musician B.
    Best ultra saturation M/S for me!! Bx_Saturator V2 also. Thanks Plugin Alliance!!

    by ememrecords
    Una gran compra VSM-3 proporciona los armónicos que faltan en las grabaciones
  • Powerful

    by Control Freak
    I heard many people praise this plugin as the beat saturation/distortion unit ever made and have heard many people claim it is the only saturation plugin they will use. I always assumed it to be exaggeration. It was not exaggeration. This has made me decide that the hardware unit this is modeled after is something I absolutely need. At first this plugin appears to be missing many desirable features but once you start using it you realize it has everything you never knew you wanted. Great work.
  • Super versatile and creative

    by Billy H
    Love it, amazing! On first use of this plugin you immediately think, "ok cool, another saturation plugin." But once you really dive into the controls and settings you realize that the VSM-3 approaches saturation and distortion in a much different way then most other similar plugins. This immediately opens the door to all new creative approaches and sounds that you couldn't have dreamed up on your own. Now I just need to remind myself not to put it on virtually every track!
  • Synth beefier

    by Stereotactic
    I want to say is good for everything but it is particularly good , or I should say Excellent for beefing up Synth Leads.
  • VSM-3

    by JH Studio
    I owned several very good saturation plugins before deciding to buy the
    VSM-3. I'd previously decided that I didn't need this one but then after looking more closely, I realized that it had "a sound" and features that were not present on my other software.
  • This thing does wonders.

    by kaiser_of_1kHz
    There is something truly useful about this plug in. It will bring a weedy snare or kick to life with the right bit of nudging. It does total tonal resculpturing and you can do it with minimal audible distortion. You can also trash the living f out of things, while sounding incredibly warm and lively.
  • Fantastic plugin

    by Ron
    I'd seen this plugin for years but never bothered to demo it. I recently got deep into saturation plugins so I fired up the demo and was blown away. You do have to understand how each control works and how it contributes to the end result, but once you get it, you're good to go.
    I love the mid-side parallel setup on tracks and master buss. Being able to target a frequency range with each section enhances the usability greatly. This is an unexpected gem. Don't overlook it if you're into saturation. This is high quality sound and great flexibility.