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Grammy-winning producer John Paterno mixes 'Ain't Like The Rest' by California-based Country Rock artist Caleb Henry.

The Song

About John Paterno (Producer)

John Paterno is a Grammy-winning Los Angeles based producer, mixer, composer, engineer, mastering engineer, and musician who has worked with a diverse range of artists including Robbie Williams, The Steve Gadd Band, Soraya, Robben Ford, Eros Ramazzotti, The Thrills, Tim McGraw, Bonnie Raitt, and Badly Drawn Boy, in his twenty-five-plus year career.

He has produced or co-produced projects for Michael Landau, Caleb Henry, Andrew Synowiec, The Black Mollys, Mitchell Froom, Lustra, Robbie Williams, The Lilac Time, and many other artists.

John has also expanded into mentoring aspiring mixers as well, with one on one live sessions where he interacts in real-time to explore the mysteries and pitfalls of mixing. 

About Caleb Henry (Artist)

Caleb Henry is a Country Rock and Americana artist from the Wild Wild West of California. Caleb writes from real-life experiences of love, loss, and redemption, with an eye for a better future from lessons learned. Backed by his loyal gang of musicians known as "The Customs," Caleb Henry and the band turn every stage into an energetic, heartfelt home for those who like to live on the wild side.

The Session

‘Ain’t Like The Rest’ is a song on Caleb Henry’s ‘California Mistake’ record. Recorded in the spirit of the great southern rock and honky-tonk bands of the 70s and 80s, this song captures Caleb’s swagger and confidence as a performer and player.   

This 23-track session was recorded with the whole band playing together for the basic tracking, with additional parts and vocals done as overdubs. You can hear some of the tracking bleed in the drum overheads! This is the exact set of tracks used for the final mix. The stereo mix in the session was created using Plugin Alliance plugins exclusively. 

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Raw Tracks

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