ENGL has been a hurricane force amp builder for rock and metal guitarists and producers for 4 decades. Beginning back in the ’80s, with a mean machine of an amp called the Straight—now a legend in hard rock and heavy metal circles—ENGL upped the ante in the ’90s with the SAVAGE line of amps, which raised the bar for performance, power, and tone for axe-wielders who like to punctuate their musical statements with a mighty roar. Now, in the 21st century's second decade, ENGL has become the standard by which metal amps are judged with a broad product line including the E765 RT and the E646 Victor Smolski signature amp. With eye-catching visuals, stellar tone and rock solid reliability, ENGL has become the choice of an extraordinary list of artists worldwide. Old world craftsmanship and highest quality components are part of what makes ENGL amps so special, and we are proud to have them as members of the Plugin Alliance.


    • $149
    • ENGL
    • E765 RT
    • Warm Cleans, Singing Distortion & Crunchy Rock Riffs.
      • Hardware Emulations
    • $149
    • ENGL
    • E646 VS
    • The ENGL E646 VS delivers the tones required for modern metal--from crystal cleans to high gain goodness. Rock it!!!
      • Hardware Emulations

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Mo Volans and Toby Pitman unleash the power of the Engl Amps during their visit to Air Studios

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Recent Reviews

  • Glenn Tipton
    Glenn Tipton

    Engl is the first ampline that I have ever used that not only has balls….But Attitude, right out of the box!

    about E646 VS, E765 RT
  • Ritchie Blackmore
    Ritchie Blackmore

    Engl Amps are the best amps I’ve ever used- not only are they powerful, but they have texture and character too.

    about E646 VS, E765 RT
  • Rudolf Schenker
    Rudolf Schenker

    Since more than ten years ENGL is my choice for any live and studio situation.  Perfect sounding and absolutely reliable amps!

    about E646 VS, E765 RT