Customer Reviews

  • The One and The Only

    by Wojtek
    All my other saturators are now gone, because Black Box ALWAYS sounds better.
  • Awesome

    by JP
    Super great, it's hard trying to decide which box to use. I like the HG-2MS and a parallel crush with the settings on the Vertigo VSM-3.
  • Fantastic!!

    by Julio
    I'm not one to usually write reviews, but I couldn't pass on commenting on this one. Just short facts here: I bought it on Christmas, installed it, put my already mixed song through it using the "41 MB_Mix Buss" preset and it just went, as if by magic, from 2D to 3D in my ears. I sent the new audio file to various other people, and they all hear it. In short, unmissable plugin!!! Thanks for the promo offer PA!!! All the best.-
  • So good!

    by S. Newville
    I fell in love with HG-2MS day-1 of the trial. It has become a bus/master channel favorite. I love saturation for sound design, but this the results just sound so much better than what I'm used to. I'm still learning how to make the best of use of it, but even as a Black Box n00b that extra edge I'm getting in my final mixes has my ears salivating.
  • JUST WOW !!!

    by SlimV
    One thing that always bother me when compare plug in vs hardware is stereo image. In most case, plugin take away 3D depth that i love.
    But this one with m/s processing is a different story, it sound just like an analog gear. And now with all the feature and flexibility, its even better.
    This is a game changer. You gonna love it !
  • Great Tube Saturation!

    by Masked Bandit
    Awesome tube saturation!
  • Black Box 2MS

    by Rosta Foret
    I purchased from September 2021 3 plug-in + bonus = MADDMIX BX_CONSOLE AMEK 9099 / Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A / Black Box Analog Design HG-2 / Black Box Analog Design HG-2MS. He put on recordings, the background of my band. It is more than surprising, pleasing, functional, the band sounds completely different about what I reach, works, everything jumped in speech, readability, result compactness. Lord Engineers at P.-a. Thanks from Europe, Czech Repault. RF

    by Withajay
    This is just a great thing! You can use it on anything (try it on the master track!) and having the mid/side features are so useful!
    I can't say enough good things about this! Go get it!
  • Mastering Chain

    by Ein Stück
    The value of this is difficult to measure. I'm finding new ways to use it every time I launch it. Be careful though.... with great power comes great responsibility. It doesn't take much to add exactly what was missing. Every song you mix till you own it, is a song you want to remix....seriously
  • HG-2MS

    by Gior Van Roig
    Si estás buscando el sonido cálido que ofrecen los equipos de tubo este es el que debes escoger. Lo más real que he escuchado y hace una gran diferencia usarlo para la masterización.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Muchas gracias!