Customer Reviews

  • Black Box Analog

    by Doc
    I'm not usually one to write reviews quickly, or write reviews at all. But this time I have to get something off my chest. This plugin is really incredibly good, period.If you come from the analog world, like me, you should have arrived in connection with the channel strips offered by the PA guys and also quite a few other awesome things. It doesn't get more analog than this. Until today, I was sure that an analog console could not be replicated in detail. As i said, until today....What a blast! Thank you Plugin Alliance!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts!
  • This is the bomb.

    by Tiki Horea
    I think I'm saying the same things in every review I leave on here, but I agree with myself. PA plugins are the bomb. They're stable, they sound great, the company's innovative, customer support is very...supportive.
    This new version of the Black Box lets you do more than the previous one. The fact that it's mid-side capable opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The TMT feature lets you add a bit more uniqueness to each track you use it on. All in all, I really like the HG-2MS.

    by BIS
    That is what I have been waiting for! HG-2 is a must for mastering chains !! With the new M / S option you have overwhelmingly improved this plugin!
    Sounds superb, I never want to be without it again.
    Thank you!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank YOU!
  • Superb Plugin

    by BluelagoonStudios
    I was early out of bed, to try the plugin, and I wasn't disappointed, the extra's like the side chain features and mid/ side processing are amazing. Had a small project today and used the HG-2MSalmost on all my busses.

  • Simply amazing!

    by Jorjhan Castro
    Sounds awesome, one of the best upgrades I could possible get

    by LIU Hongbo
  • Tube or die!!!

    by Cyrille Cassier
    This gem is on the edge of musicality ITB.
    A really great M/S update with a"sound".
    Great job team ;-)
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks! And enjoy...
  • HG-2MS

    by Kalmusky
    I am never taking this off my Mix Bus, Also WOW on Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths... well... Everything !
  • Black Box HG-2MS

    by Matthias (without instruments)
    I have many plugins from different manufacturers. I tested the Black Box Analog Design HG-2MS. I only used the plugin in the master channel. My statements refer to hip hop with a lot of bass, drums, guitar, trumpet and vocals. I used the preset zero as a guide. Then I optimized the settings with the controls and switches. The result is phenomenal. I compared my Black Box Analog Design HG-2 directly and it's true: The Black Box Analog Design HG-2MS offers even more options and gives the sound a fantastic tone colour. So, in my opinion, the upgrade is really worth it. The plugin offers a total of 74 presets. Almost all presets are assigned to specific styles of music and instruments, including vocals. Great sound, great design, the plugin is just fun and really easy to use. That's why I give it 5 stars.
    Matthias (without instruments)