Customer Reviews

  • It actually got better, by a lot

    by MixedbyMe
    All I can tell you is that from the first moment I realised that I could colour in MS mode I had a new world of options opened up.
    This is something more than special this is a new beast entirely and it’s time to unleash it on my mixbuss.
  • Heavy

    by Petr Kopcil / Sunteem records
    For several years, I happily used a smaller brother, HG-2, who did a great job. But this is really strong coffee! More colors, more options, absolute satisfaction. It works well in the mix buss with VSM-3.
  • HG-2MS

    by Vanryne Audio
    This is by far the most useful and musical saturation/distortion plugins I've got. With addition of M/S function it's even better! I use it extensively for mastering and mixing. Adding a touch to drum overheads (or on a 'crush' group) and on snare etc. gives a sprinkle of magic fairy dust that no other plugin can! Love this plug it is so very creative. Thanks Black Box and thanks PA!