Customer Reviews

  • The amp for me..

    by kaiser_of_1kHz
    I own this amp in real life. A late 60s 50W head that has the gold flecked silver sheeting on top - just before the silver face era began. Its my favourite guitar amp for many reasons. Primarily because it doesn't really stick a sound on to anything. Every guitar's character comes to life in its own way. The amp itself is very open and just breathes. Its a bit dirty to use as a bass amp at a real world volume, but for recording and blending its also really good.
    This plug in sounds a lot like it. It even reacts to the EQ changes in the input signal in the same way. Im not sure why it includes a delay and not a spring reverb, it kind of makes me scratch my head a little. I get the feeling the Brainworx guys are a bit more into the metal/hard 80s rock concept of guitar. The Rockrack amp suite is that kind of thing. The JCM 800 on that is really good but I find everything else far too outside my genre pool. This amp, however, is the one. We are talking about a plug in, here, which amazes me. It doesn't sound or play or react like a plug in. Totally different level of quality than Guitar Rig or whatever else I have...
  • Amazing!

    by Gabrijel Prusina
    I tried almost all virtual guitar amplifiers - Amplitube, S-Gear, BIAS, Waves PRS, all others from PA, Guitar Rig 5, stuff from Softube etc. but, in my humble opinion this one is by far the best.
    So mix ready, great character, awesome drive, amazing clean, big, open - amazing!
    Thank you PA. You made my life easy!
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    Thanks Gabrijel!
  • Bassdude

    by Dave
    A very cool plugin with a special edge. From SRV to bassmaniac. And it works also great in the mix! Thanks.!
  • Bassdude

    by Ian Ossia
    Definitely in the best amp simulations going
  • Bass Dude is the dude

    by Slau
    I love this plug-in. To me, Bass Dude feels like I'm plugging into an amp. I use a control surface in the first place so tweaking knobs probably adds to that experience but this plug-in does feel quite natural and it simply sounds fantastic. As an HD user, I also appreciate that it comes in AAX DSP. At it's normal price, it's a bargain. I happened to pick it up on sale and used a coupon to get it for a ridiculously low price. I have a bunch of amp sims that do all kinds of things but this one is the one I now go to when i feel like all I want to do is plug into an amp. The fringe benefit of it being virtual is just the icing on the cake. I love it and would highly recommend it.
  • Classic Fender Sound!

    by James Cory
    I love this amp plugin and is used in most of my productions on either guitar or bass. Sounds great on both! Classic Fender sound with that chime on the clean tones that Fender is famous for :)
  • A New Favorite

    by m2
    Bassdude is quickly becoming my number one choice for smooth, creamy, clean tones. As with all the PA guitar sims, the addition of a host of signal chain impulse responses adds a tremendous amount of flexibility to the sound.
  • Amplified!

    by Aleksandar P
    I was looking for a great way to amplify my DI Bass,and for 9 dollars it was a no brainer/ stop thinking about expensive bass amps and I’m using it till this day. Great bass/guitar amp;it’s a history how this amp worked miracles on guitars,and in that spirit I find guitar settings to work great on bass too !
  • Straight-UP Great Tone Without Bells-n-Whistles

    by VonS
    Sooo, I've been a Waves/Pro Tools guy since almost day one of plugins. This plug has really impressed me. I have lots of amp sim plugs, but NONE do the one simple thing that this does ... truly sound like a great amp with no hassle and no scrolling through presets and tweaking. I have a large collection of vintage amps, including several vintage Bassman heads; this plug really nails the tone of the real thing. Does it sound just like being in the room next to an amp and cabinet ... of course not! However, it DOES sound exactly like being in the control room with the amp miced up in the studio.
    In the world of "real" amps, I prefer sweet, fat, juicy non-maser volume amps with pedals in front and studio effects as needed at mix-down. That's EXACTLY the way this works. Ya all know that keeping a complex studio rig running is hard enough as it is ... it's a real breath of fresh air to have this "amp" that just flat sounds so good without investing any time "tweaking". I'll press that big red "easy" button any time I can!
    One request: Make your plugins run on the Waves Soundgrid Servers ... pretty please :-)
  • bx_bassdude

    by J4
    This is the best amp simulator I've used for bass guitar period. It has an even response across the fretboard, no sudden frequency dips or boosts with certain notes. And it sounds excellent. It's also beautiful for electric guitar, sweet sparkly cleans or mellow jazz tones. Inspiring to play through!