Customer Reviews

  • Bassdude Amp

    by Avatar Studio
    We Have lots of other virtual amps but this one Rocks!!! ***** Stars .
  • Bassdude

    by Nando & Blonde Moby Dick
    Ezcelent, i´m a guitar player and own myself a real Deluxe by Victoria amps with NOS RCA´s although it is not the same play a real thing vs software and the Bassdude was guessed to me it emulates another glory maybe the Fender Blonde 63, Brian Setzer´s amp choice, this are very rare to find in the market and the Brainworks emulation does one of the best job i have ever see in amps guitar emulations software, highly recommended for those who like Rockabilly or Country, Tex Mex music, Surf music Dick Dale kind of stuff... very great emulation sounds awesome
  • bx_bassdude for bass

    by xdav
    I bought this plugin to use on bass guitar. It's not going to give you every bass sound under the sun, but that's not what it's meant for. Does it sound just like a bassman? I've never had a bassman to compare it with, but it sits in the mix with very little effort, and it sounds retro to my ear, so I'm a happy customer.

    by guy REMY
  • bx_bassdude

    by Amerio
    A fantastic emulation. I love the warm and round sound. Very simple to use and full of possibilities. I use mainly on bass, and when in, you can close your eyes and you are in front of the famous American amp.
    I will use on rhodes piano, guitars and drums,...and why not on voices, too. It has a great analog feeling.
  • bx_bassdude

    Great plugin bx_bassdude is great i like the tone and sound of it i even play my guitar through it a must have get it while it's Hot !
  • Bassdude

    by Dave Scott
    Honestly the best guitar amp plugin I have used. I have tried just about everything else out there and the problem always seems to be getting a natural starting point for a D.I guitar that actually makes you want to play. This one does it. I recently used it as a preamp for electric guitar on an aux channel and bussed it to the recording tracks. It sounded great on its own, but as a pre-amp for going into other amp sims it just made them work properly straight away. No messing about trying to get something that felt real, it was there from the beginning. I've also used it as a re-amp and it really brings previously recorded guitars to life, helping them sit in the mix. The bass instrument input has less LF emphasis so works well with gibsons and fatter sounding guitars. I imagine the guitar channel (ch 2) would be great on telecasters and strats as it has a huge warm low end which was a bit too much for humbuckers. Anyway, I love it and it will be my first choice for recording and mixing guitars.
  • Just what it was made for...bass

    by Steve Mills
    I know the amp this was modeled on from first-hand experience. My father-in-law played a Mosrite bass through it for years. As a VST aimed at guitar players, it hits the mark nicely, and sounds like those I have heard, but I bought this for my bass tracks. It's fantastic, and a real bass VST is so hard to find.
  • Unbelievable Amp Simulation

    by J_R_G
    I regularly record classic rock/blues and I've pretty much tried every single software amp simulator available at the moment... and after exhausting my search and not quite finding the sound and feel I was looking for, I decided to give Bassdude a spin. This one is seriously a hidden gem. Great tone and feel, it sits in the mix without much tinkering. I've been caught playing and realizing hours have gone by.. you can really lose yourself in it! If you're not playing hi-gain and are looking for a great amp sim... do yourself a favour and pick this one up. You won't need anything else!
  • My go to amp!

    by Edward Selberie
    I do have a lot of amp simulations. Every one is nice in there own way. But I must say, this is always the first amp I try on every mix, for both recording guitar (esp clean guitar) and bass. 90% of 100%, this plugins stays in the chain. And I track always directly with this plugin (as if it was an external amp) in Pro Tools.
    Btw, I do have the real fender amp, but I always use this emulation for clean guitar.
    Nice job brain-worx!