Customer Reviews

  • bx_bassdude

    by Luis Burgos
    Great sound!!!!
  • Very Nice

    by Bhang
    This have a lot more than on offer than you might expect. It sounds great. Its quick and intuitive yet still offers a lot of tonal options with the fairly large IR cabinet selections.
  • Must have guitar amp emulation

    by EirikA
    Probably the best Fender guitar amp emulation on the market.
    Killer guitar amp tone that just works in so many situations.
    A must have tool!
  • Bass dud

    by AudioHunter
    Such a killer amp modeler ! Couldn't pass it up when it went in sale too! Great tones! A must have !
  • Brainworx bx_bassdude

    by lambda
  • Bassdude

    by Mixthatrecord
    Gets the job done in no time - AMPLIFYING that is! I haven't even tweaked it, but the sheer gain and color are something I haven't yet heard before. Put this before your weaker amp plugin that has more fx and you have a really sweet amp chain. And yes, it works with guitars, too
  • Bassdude

    by zolisaudio
    Instant satisfaction!
    Told the bass player from @9LivesandCounting that I just got a new plugin and wanted to try it while tracking. Picked a patch and 2 minor tweaks later he was like...."WoW"....what is that!! I can't wait to try Bassdude in mix mode :)
  • Bassdude Amp

    by Avatar Studio
    We Have lots of other virtual amps but this one Rocks!!! ***** Stars .
  • Bassdude

    by Nando & Blonde Moby Dick
    Ezcelent, i´m a guitar player and own myself a real Deluxe by Victoria amps with NOS RCA´s although it is not the same play a real thing vs software and the Bassdude was guessed to me it emulates another glory maybe the Fender Blonde 63, Brian Setzer´s amp choice, this are very rare to find in the market and the Brainworks emulation does one of the best job i have ever see in amps guitar emulations software, highly recommended for those who like Rockabilly or Country, Tex Mex music, Surf music Dick Dale kind of stuff... very great emulation sounds awesome
  • bx_bassdude for bass

    by xdav
    I bought this plugin to use on bass guitar. It's not going to give you every bass sound under the sun, but that's not what it's meant for. Does it sound just like a bassman? I've never had a bassman to compare it with, but it sits in the mix with very little effort, and it sounds retro to my ear, so I'm a happy customer.