Customer Reviews

  • Incredible amp!

    by Henry
    I tested it on my Jazz Bass Fender and what a great tone it acquired. I really loved the Rec. Chain and from now this is my go-to for record a bass line as well to reamp a recorded bass.
  • Look no further

    by GDrapos
    If you're like me and have been looking for a good bass amp plugin for a long time, look no further!
    I've tried most "big name" plugins and most of the time it's the same: great by themselves but lose something in the mix. I end up using the Bass DI signal or the actual mic'd track (if there is one).
    Not with the Brainworx Bassdude! Not a bass amp per se but holds its own.
    Very faithful Gain modeling, the plugin reacts well to dynamics (experiment with the Presence knob - with bass guitar it's a great way to control the drive). The amp's very simple and versatile - you can get everything from warm and clean to full-out overdrive. EQ as simple and powerful as it gets, just like on the original amp.
    The cabinet models also sound great - you get a very well mic'd sound instantly (and some unusual mic-cab combinations!)
    I've used this plugin both to subtly fatten up the DI sound or to get crazy grit. It's very usable in a lot of genres. The Bassdude has become the go-to bass amp plugin for me.
  • And then...

    by TonVE get to know this darling, then omg this is the bass sound, like I m sitting next to the amp.
    Really F*! impressive, I use this on one bass buss and the Ampeg on another buss. Now that's bass!
    Really impressive tube sounds here, I mean really the tubes seem to rumble just like you want and very close to your ears.
  • Versatile and Musical.

    by Diarm
    The Bassdude is unique but the fender sound is apparent. This is a perfect amp for rhythm guitars. Some of the tones I've been getting lead me to question if Kurt used a Bassman. The journey really takes off when exploring the impulse responses of the different cabinet and mic combinations. Turn up the bass and volume on channel one and marvel at the disintegration of the low end!
  • Great for Strats

    by Amid
    To find a suitable amp plugin for a Fender Strat is not that easy, Bassdude works great, though. Just have a listen (Some examples Blues, Funk, Experimental Jazz, Rock - last example with bx_greenscreamer in addition).
  • Excellent

    by Black Frost
    I am not a huge fan of all the high gain amp sims around, though the Diezels did impress me, they are fun to play even on the clean channels, but I keep reaching for the Chandler and this one, because of the very beautiful clean and crunch sounds. Think Fender Bassman, obviously. You can endlessly tweak this one to taste or use the very usable presets, at least as starting points and you will get a convincing realistic full tone. Works well with the distorion VSTs as well!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks. We agree, this amp takes pedals really well!
  • Bass... DUDE!!!

    by Mike
    I complained in the FB PA user group that I hate amp sims. Well, not this. Oh man. To have an amp in Logic that feels/sounds like a beautify recorded amp is sooo important. LOgic's are good, but not great. This one is great. It really sounds like it's in another room and coming through the monitors. It feels real, sounds real. The only amp that comes close is The UA Fender. I needed a rockabilly Setzer kind of sound on a track (not that I think I come close to his virtuosity) and this along with the UA Galaxy-Roland nailed it... NAILED it! I'm using this on everything guit oriented. What the hell is in this plugin? How do you go it? I never write reviews unless absolutely necessary. This was necessary.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks Mike! Now tell the fb group! ;-)
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • So Useful

    by Nick F
    Great go-to clean guitar amp when room/gear/mics aren't behaving and you just HAVE TO get a quality guitar part down NOW. Recommended!
  • Outstanding

    by Dave
    I've tried a lot of guitar amp simulators (Bias Amp, Guitar Rig, Eleven, Scuffham, etc). In my experience, it's relatively easy to find good emulations of classic higher gain guitar tones (Marshall, Mesa Boogie, etc). Bassdude is the first one I've found that , though, that does a 5 star job of rendering the warm, clean tone that you get from a valve-based Fender tweed amp like a Bassman (or Blues Deluxe) with the gain low. This thing is incredible!