Customer Reviews

  • Just what it was made for...bass

    by Steve Mills
    I know the amp this was modeled on from first-hand experience. My father-in-law played a Mosrite bass through it for years. As a VST aimed at guitar players, it hits the mark nicely, and sounds like those I have heard, but I bought this for my bass tracks. It's fantastic, and a real bass VST is so hard to find.
  • Unbelievable Amp Simulation

    by J_R_G
    I regularly record classic rock/blues and I've pretty much tried every single software amp simulator available at the moment... and after exhausting my search and not quite finding the sound and feel I was looking for, I decided to give Bassdude a spin. This one is seriously a hidden gem. Great tone and feel, it sits in the mix without much tinkering. I've been caught playing and realizing hours have gone by.. you can really lose yourself in it! If you're not playing hi-gain and are looking for a great amp sim... do yourself a favour and pick this one up. You won't need anything else!
  • My go to amp!

    by Edward Selberie
    I do have a lot of amp simulations. Every one is nice in there own way. But I must say, this is always the first amp I try on every mix, for both recording guitar (esp clean guitar) and bass. 90% of 100%, this plugins stays in the chain. And I track always directly with this plugin (as if it was an external amp) in Pro Tools.
    Btw, I do have the real fender amp, but I always use this emulation for clean guitar.
    Nice job brain-worx!
  • bx_bassdude

    I have tried every bass amp sim, plug-in, Cab IR, standalone and in countless combinations searching for a REAL sounding vintage growling tone. I thought I was happy with what I had until I downloaded the bassdude demo, then it all changed, I only need this now. I can now sound like the 60's tones I adore, from Duck Dunn to Willie weeks . Brilliant product
  • Bassdude rocks!

    by C-bird
    Excellent, really excellent emulation of a classic amp design. Definitely recommended!
  • Best

    by Jaime
    I have many plugins for guitar and bass...But this one is the very best!! Clean sound vintage and solid
  • This is it!

    by Mix Veteran
    I record and mix rock music for more than 40 years. I'm a bass player.
    And I own and used all the other bass plugins from UAD, Waves, .....
    Bass Dude is the only product beside Kemper Reamping that gives me that sound I want to hear.
    You can hear exactly where a note start and ends. This is essential for my ears.
  • Great amp!

    by James Mullen
    This amp is just stellar! Love it!
  • Very Versatile

    by GuitarHead
    Loving the Bassdude on guitar and bass and it takes pedals very well. The recording chains are fantastic at mix time. If your sound isn't quite fitting just put the recording chain audition thing into auto and play the track listing until you find the right chain to fit your track. Love it
  • great amp sim!

    by Michael
    Great amp sim, but PA should make a more detailed manual with some suggested input levels. if not for the guy that states about input gain, I would not have bought any PA amp sim. the learning curve is longer, but the sound is way better than what's available int he market. I suggest that PA also makes a "de-picking" plugin. you already have the code (SPL De-esser, DSM, dynamic EQ, etc). I bet it could be a nice plugin.