Customer Reviews

  • This is it!

    by Mix Veteran
    I record and mix rock music for more than 40 years. I'm a bass player.
    And I own and used all the other bass plugins from UAD, Waves, .....
    Bass Dude is the only product beside Kemper Reamping that gives me that sound I want to hear.
    You can hear exactly where a note start and ends. This is essential for my ears.
  • Great amp!

    by James Mullen
    This amp is just stellar! Love it!
  • Very Versatile

    by GuitarHead
    Loving the Bassdude on guitar and bass and it takes pedals very well. The recording chains are fantastic at mix time. If your sound isn't quite fitting just put the recording chain audition thing into auto and play the track listing until you find the right chain to fit your track. Love it
  • great amp sim!

    by Michael
    Great amp sim, but PA should make a more detailed manual with some suggested input levels. if not for the guy that states about input gain, I would not have bought any PA amp sim. the learning curve is longer, but the sound is way better than what's available int he market. I suggest that PA also makes a "de-picking" plugin. you already have the code (SPL De-esser, DSM, dynamic EQ, etc). I bet it could be a nice plugin.
  • Bassdude

    by rk
    Brilliant! This is the best amp sim I have come across. Works wonderfully for bass and guitar. Just the sound I was looking for. It is a treat to play through this plugin. Sits very good in a mix. It takes hardly any tweaking to sound good. So it is my go to plugin. Thanks PA!
  • Fantastic!

    by oli
    This amp has a typical retro sound, it sounds awesome. As many of the bx amps it delivers an authentic sound, switch mic on your guitar and the amp will sound differently, like a real amp. This is among the best amp sim I know of, the sound is better suited to rock-type sound (not metal) but is also very nice in clean mode with a subtle touch of overdrive.
  • Awesome

    by jemorris2
    I love this amp sim. In the early 80's I played a 68 Les Paul Custom through a 70's Bassman 100. That was my ultimate tone. I have always tried over the years to emulate that sound. This sim sounds like that old amp.I have a lot of other sims but ever since I bought this one it has become my go to when recording. It has that "tone" that I just love.
  • Bassdude Amp

    by TheHunter
    Very nice plugin and emulation. I would suggest that all users open up the FX rack and set the input gain down to -20dB. This will dramatically improve the playability and realism of the plugin, and take out any unnatural harshness in the saturation, especially with bright strat guitars. For example; a real amp would see just the signal out of the guitar. The plugin though may see the signal with 10+ dB of gain added from the recording interface. Thus the need to dial back the input gain. Once past this area, the plugin works really nice.