Customer Reviews

  • Rap Vocals Meet Your Friend.

    by Hiponic Audio
    This has quickly become a goto for Rap Vocals, Brass, Guitar, anything I need to get some grit to come out of.
    I have found my self reaching for this before the G channel for mid range and width on many many occasions. This even rides on my masters bus with no settings. Just running the signal through.
    Must try, Must buy.
    Anybody will say, there is just something about a Neve and Brainworx did a great job capturing it!
  • Perfect Channel Strip

    i love this plugin.. For me Best.. Thank you Brainworks.. You are Number ONE ;)
  • Amazing

    by Frode Obelix Martinsen
    We have a 72 channel AMS Neve VPS in one of our studios thats almost the same console as the VXS. These consoles are really cool to track through cause the preamps, comp, and eq are amazing. But one problem for me was i never mixes on that console only recording since i need be able to recall the mixes without spending 4 hours and still i doesent sound the same as before. But then these smart people at Brainworx came up with this plugin. Freaking amazing, now i can take my mixes to the other studio an recreate the console in the box. Same sound and the same glue. Thank you for this plugin, this really was a life saver for me.
  • Sounds great. Solves problems.

    by Zak Rahman
    Channel strip plugins are technically just a few useful and ubiquitous plugins in an easily accessible form. Gate, eq, compression, maybe saturation, and a trim.
    This actually feels like using a console. The marketing blurb is not empty promises. I created a template using an instance of this on every track (incidentally, 40 instantiations of this plugin active and my CPU didn't flinch), and my mix was faster, cleaner and sounded better compared to my usual standard of work.
    Before purchasing this plugin, I compared it with no less than 6 other channel strip plugins. This plugin was faster and yielded consistently good results for me. I will not say the others were terrible, or this was SoooOOOO much better, because that wouldn't be true. This just enabled me to get good results consistently, which is pretty huge.
    I opted for the Neve because I already have an SSL. Additionally, PA's licensing policies solved a huge problem I faced with another company - not being free to use the license on another device without dongles and other such hassles.
    I did the same tests on a much less powerful laptop, and the only thing I had to do was disable the plugin on channels that were empty.
    I thought I liked this plugin because it sounded good and the workflow is tremendous.
    However, its real strength is that it is a workhorse plugin. It's reliable, consistent and I felt very familiar with it after a short period of use.
    The documentation is also extremely well written, which will add to the value of the plugin. Dirk Ulrich has decades more audio experience than I do, the tips he gives in the manual helped me.
    An excellent plugin. Recommended.
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Complex but powerful

    by Nick F
    Preferred this to the SSL-Type Console version. I wish it 'fit' better on a laptop-size screen but it's all quality across each stage of fx.
  • Analog ITB

    by Jweyerbacher
    When I started mixing, I didn't fully understand the process of proper EQ and compression. I'd throw a few plugins on each channel and select decent sounding presets and hope for the best. I always wondered why my mixes sounded good but not great. So I started investing in Brainworx products like the Console N. I was initially frustrated by these plugins because many of them did not include any presets so I was lost as to what the heck I was doing. This forced me to learn what EQ and compression was really all about.
    Console N is a game changer for me. Selecting a unique TMT channel and then carefully shaping the sounds without relying on EQ and compression presets has made my mixes sound fuller, brighter and wider. Without a doubt, I'd recommend this plugin for anyone looking to integrate that polished console sound, in the box.
  • Console N

    by RFW
    Very solid tight character... used it on a drum, then guitar sub-mix immediately and was very impressed with the little extra 'tweezy' features. The ABCD presets are a huge feature to compare and can also be used in automation. I have been using regularly since purchase.
  • bx_console N delivers

    by Kholder
    If you are looking for Neve feel and texture, this plugin delivers. I use it in many of my mix sessions, and appreciate the features and sound it brings with it. TMT is surprisingly convincing, and makes a noticeable difference when spread across many tracks or stems - it certainly sets this plugin apart from all the other emulations. Well done, Brainworx!
  • Why didn't I do this earlier

    by bass case
    So I just picked this up on sale with a $50 voucher. Holy Smokes this revolutionized my mix in about 2 minutes. Throwing it on every channel and playing with the presets, my mix sounds "professional"! Crisp, clear, but not brittle, still full in the bottom end. It is giving me that radio sound I have been hunting for through thousands of dollars of plugins over the years. Totally worth it on this one! Way to go Plugin Alliance