Customer Reviews

  • The best plugin for me. All you need for a great sounding mix.

    by Yan
    This plugin is a beast. Its all you need in making a great mix. Warmth, Air, Punch all you can ask for a plugin. THD provides great stereo imaging across all tracks.
  • ssl bx E

    by Eric
    I'm sold to the first version. I understand that the new version is closer to the hardware but,to me,the Bx E with the black eq is pure gold. I can't stand the brown Eq on the Bx E but i dig it a bit on the SSL E.
  • bx_consoles SSL 4000 E/G

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    As an experienced & professional singer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer/recording-mixing-mastering-Engineer, I'm more than excited to say that :
    Brainworx brilliantly put an end to all these : - which SSL 4000 channel strip and SSL 4000 console emulation is the best ?
    By technologically tossing them all to rest, hence burying all past, present and future contenders !
    Brainworx now shine as the ONLY, all in one, SSL 4000 E/G complete plugin emulation creator-provider.
    It even surpasses all its emulated physical counterparts !
    These bx_consoles SSL 4000 E/G, are simply better than the real things.
    This is more than a game-changer feat, in the virtual-reality.
    It's nothing less than an historical leap, in the real-virtuallity of music-production's future and evolution.
    Bravo to all the Brainworx team ! I'm TMT-ized !
    I feel impossibly prouder to be part of the Plugin-Alliance familly ;-D
    1, 2, 3, 4 : Let's sound-dig deeper, for we now have access to 288 UNIQUE channels of SSL 4000 E/G consoles !
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by C.J. Perez
    This plugin is just awesome... The sound,workflow, even the look is top-notch. But most importantly, the SOUND is AWESOME....
    Everything about this plugin just flows seamlessly... I'm very impressed and thankful for Brianworx/PA... You guys did a great job on this one.... I mean, it just sounds right...
    Loving it the more I use it.... Keep up the great work.
  • BX_ConsoleSSL4000E

    by TonyDolbyMusic
    This Emulation is by far the best in the Industry!!! It makes mixing in the Box fun again with unlimited possibilities.
    This Plugin is a must for every Home Studio and Mastering Room.
  • Bx console SSL 4000E

    by MrB
    Great I have buy immediately when was come out updated version
  • No Brainer (is that a pun?)

    by Adam
    So I've been using the Waves SSL channel for a long time. It's still a great plugin despite being so ridiculously old (by modern standards). I've tried the Slate emulations, tried the Duende. I even tried bx_Console E but, honestly, I found it kind of muffled sounding and it really didn't compete with the ageing Waves product. So when this was announced I was content to just ride out the hype wave and stick with old reliable. Then I demoed it.
    My God. The Waves E Channel sounds like a toy in comparison. When you A/B the two, it's like you were mixing with cotton stuffed in your ears. Just putting the bx_Console SSL 4000 E (God that's a mouthful) onto your tracks brings out this wonderful low end.
    The hi-end shelf that can sound quite plasticy and harsh on the Waves channel is just so fantastic on this. You can crank +15dB and it just sounds amazing. Vocals recorded on inexpensive mics into the awful converters on a Scarlett 2i4 suddenly just sound better. Like they were tracked with a legit setup. My bass guitar tracks have never sounded better.
    I bawked at the price, honestly. $249 + 20% VAT for ANOTHER SSL E channel. No thank you. But the moment I loaded it up I could not believe what I was hearing.
    I can't wait to finish this review so I can go back and listen to it some more. I might even have to stop in the middle of a
  • BX+SSL=♥

    by Demtation
    Being a chronic tinkerer, I've resisted all-in-one plugins, and I was primarily interested in the BX's straight, front-end console emulation (along the lines of an NLS or Satson) and while the BX is certainly best-in-class, the EQ and comp are SO good that I think my tinkering, plugin overload days are numbered. The BX_Console SSL 400 E is utterly satisfying to use, and truly a streamlined workflow. The "G" is now calling my name *sigh*
  • bx console SSL4000 E

    by Bishop
    Ialready had a couple 4000 E plugins by different developers but i got the demo for this one and from the start I heard tracks doing stuff I had been hearing in hit songs for years really is good so pull the trigger on this one you won't be sorry
  • Best channel strip available

    by Aidan Brock
    I used to use a certain very popular SSL channel strip which I was pretty happy with, but since getting console E and subsequently this version, I've been even more stoked with. The TMT adds a nice subtle width to stereo tracks. Well worth the money.