Customer Reviews

  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by AudioProductionGeeKen
    This is now my go to channel strip for rock drums. This new version seems to have better top end clarity and more punch all around. Amazing work Bx!
  • SSL E Console - Wow!

    by Stefan
    If been an 'in-the-box mixing guy' since my first steps in the Tracker scene in the early 90s. I never had the pleasure to use a real SSL on an actual mix. I started using the approach in Reason when it had a first kind of SSL style mixer. Later, due to being used to it, I bought Waves, UAD and Console 1 versions of the plugin. I liked those but it was never a 'AHA!' or 'WOW!' moment. I never really loved the results, I simply just liked them. Now I had the pleasure to try out all the BX consoles, the N, E and G and thought to myself: very nice. But the SSL E blew me away. So much punch, warmth and depth. (Those words you here about almost anything esoterically described in the audio world but in this case I have to use them) I use less plugins on my channels and get better results, faster. I love the dynamics, I love the Black Knob EQ and the THD is the thing that pushes the sound into the beyond. Truly, a great workhorse for the sound I am after. (Urban Pop, Drum'n'Bass, Electronica but also some acoustic genres) I do not do Rock music which I think the SSL E is the best sounding for me. Big up! I am very happy to get such a great sound for so little financial investment!
  • bx__console SSL 4000

    by mikmock
    Now you can make use of the very cool TMT with the extremely low CPU requirements. It really does allow you to run theses plugins across your entire mix. I have tried it with some of the other versions out there and it just loads down your resources way too much. Not so with new bx_SSL Console 4000's.
  • WOW

    by Bhang
    This channel strip is really something else! It sounds excellent, the THD option is excellent and the tolerance modeling just puts it over the top. I love this plugin!
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by MrChunk
    First off, I do have other SSL E Channel plugins and I will not bash anyone directly. The bx_console SSL 4000 E does have a fuller sound comparatively. The EQ is musical not dry and clinical. The Dynamics and Filter sections are sweet and smooth not harsh. The THD is a great add and really makes the difference on your song in its totality. This will be on every track on every mix I do from now on! Thanks to Brainworx and Plugin Alliance!
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by ATN69
    I already owned the previous version of bx_console E and I liked the sound and functionality. When bx_console SSL 4000 E came along it wasn't any hard decision to upgrade. I only expected minor updates and changes, but I was surprised once I loaded up the SSL 4000 E for the first time. It's a lovely tool to work with. It is helping me to get the sound that I have been looking for.
  • bx_SSL 4000 E

    by Bob Davodian
    Those who know me, know for years now I love posting A/B comparisons. I also take a somewhat unique approach, even for comparing just EQ for example. I don't just strap a processor across a 2-bus and call a day. I try to mimic a real-world scenario, processing all tracks and gauging the interaction as well as the overall effect. What we have here is tight tolerances with bx_E and the new bx_SSL across all tracks. So gain staging from the 2-bus down to the individual tracks. When the consoles are involved, they are all being hit with the same source signals. Any post gain compensation was done with pure digital gain, not adding or taking away anything but gain! Can't tell you how much one needs to pay attention to detail here. One mistake can throw it all off!
    The overall mix is at -21.5 LUFS and again this applies to all 5 mixes.
    The mixes include:
    The "eq+dyn" mixes include any and all EQ, Compression, and filters engaged. The simple "e" and "ssl" mixes are just the mix intact going through the console color. This way you can just hear what they are doing simply running through "the circuit."
    The "daw" mix is of course just the mix intact without any console color or processing.
    For me, the true magic is in how Brainworx have elevated the EQ and compression. The high end is beautiful! The compression, much more SSL-ish with the punch; less polite. The console coloration however is also slightly different. A difference sum confirmed what my ears heard. I prefer the slightly changed color in the new bx_SSL. Overall, Brainworx just did a SICK job on this and I am loving this thing even more than I did. If I had one gripe, I liked the darker, tamed background on v1. But the true-to-the-original colored knobs are so sweet looking.
    The new bx_SSL console is definitely better but not too far off from itself, which is comforting.
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by Michael
    Totally happy with it! What more could I say? It sounds great and with this plugin I can turn my DAW into an analog console at highest standards.
  • Wow

    by Scott Yahney
    I'm loving this plug-in it sounds incredible. It has depth 4 days this is a must have in your plug-in Arsenal
  • Oh my God!

    by Mark 'Ruff' Ryder
    Ok I have SSL from eveyone waves, UAD
    Even bought the brainwork consoles and I have to say that my search for that sound is now over.
    This authorised version is noticeably the best by quite a margin. Plus with the extra special enhancements that brainworx adds like the TMT and trim you have something that really takes this sound further than ever before.
    Just put it on your track and the sound is noticeably more polished and lush.
    I loved the brainworx consoles but this is way better by a big margin and now I can stop searching for the SSL sound as this really is it!
    At last !