Customer Reviews

  • Oh my God!

    by Mark 'Ruff' Ryder
    Ok I have SSL from eveyone waves, UAD
    Even bought the brainwork consoles and I have to say that my search for that sound is now over.
    This authorised version is noticeably the best by quite a margin. Plus with the extra special enhancements that brainworx adds like the TMT and trim you have something that really takes this sound further than ever before.
    Just put it on your track and the sound is noticeably more polished and lush.
    I loved the brainworx consoles but this is way better by a big margin and now I can stop searching for the SSL sound as this really is it!
    At last !
  • The best plugin for me. All you need for a great sounding mix.

    by Yan
    This plugin is a beast. Its all you need in making a great mix. Warmth, Air, Punch all you can ask for a plugin. THD provides great stereo imaging across all tracks.
  • ssl bx E

    by Eric
    I'm sold to the first version. I understand that the new version is closer to the hardware but,to me,the Bx E with the black eq is pure gold. I can't stand the brown Eq on the Bx E but i dig it a bit on the SSL E.
  • bx_consoles SSL 4000 E/G

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    As an experienced & professional singer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer/recording-mixing-mastering-Engineer, I'm more than excited to say that :
    Brainworx brilliantly put an end to all these : - which SSL 4000 channel strip and SSL 4000 console emulation is the best ?
    By technologically tossing them all to rest, hence burying all past, present and future contenders !
    Brainworx now shine as the ONLY, all in one, SSL 4000 E/G complete plugin emulation creator-provider.
    It even surpasses all its emulated physical counterparts !
    These bx_consoles SSL 4000 E/G, are simply better than the real things.
    This is more than a game-changer feat, in the virtual-reality.
    It's nothing less than an historical leap, in the real-virtuallity of music-production's future and evolution.
    Bravo to all the Brainworx team ! I'm TMT-ized !
    I feel impossibly prouder to be part of the Plugin-Alliance familly ;-D
    1, 2, 3, 4 : Let's sound-dig deeper, for we now have access to 288 UNIQUE channels of SSL 4000 E/G consoles !
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by C.J. Perez
    This plugin is just awesome... The sound,workflow, even the look is top-notch. But most importantly, the SOUND is AWESOME....
    Everything about this plugin just flows seamlessly... I'm very impressed and thankful for Brianworx/PA... You guys did a great job on this one.... I mean, it just sounds right...
    Loving it the more I use it.... Keep up the great work.
  • BX_ConsoleSSL4000E

    by TonyDolbyMusic
    This Emulation is by far the best in the Industry!!! It makes mixing in the Box fun again with unlimited possibilities.
    This Plugin is a must for every Home Studio and Mastering Room.
  • Bx console SSL 4000E

    by MrB
    Great I have buy immediately when was come out updated version
  • No Brainer (is that a pun?)

    by Adam
    So I've been using the Waves SSL channel for a long time. It's still a great plugin despite being so ridiculously old (by modern standards). I've tried the Slate emulations, tried the Duende. I even tried bx_Console E but, honestly, I found it kind of muffled sounding and it really didn't compete with the ageing Waves product. So when this was announced I was content to just ride out the hype wave and stick with old reliable. Then I demoed it.
    My God. The Waves E Channel sounds like a toy in comparison. When you A/B the two, it's like you were mixing with cotton stuffed in your ears. Just putting the bx_Console SSL 4000 E (God that's a mouthful) onto your tracks brings out this wonderful low end.
    The hi-end shelf that can sound quite plasticy and harsh on the Waves channel is just so fantastic on this. You can crank +15dB and it just sounds amazing. Vocals recorded on inexpensive mics into the awful converters on a Scarlett 2i4 suddenly just sound better. Like they were tracked with a legit setup. My bass guitar tracks have never sounded better.
    I bawked at the price, honestly. $249 + 20% VAT for ANOTHER SSL E channel. No thank you. But the moment I loaded it up I could not believe what I was hearing.
    I can't wait to finish this review so I can go back and listen to it some more. I might even have to stop in the middle of a
  • BX+SSL=♥

    by Demtation
    Being a chronic tinkerer, I've resisted all-in-one plugins, and I was primarily interested in the BX's straight, front-end console emulation (along the lines of an NLS or Satson) and while the BX is certainly best-in-class, the EQ and comp are SO good that I think my tinkering, plugin overload days are numbered. The BX_Console SSL 400 E is utterly satisfying to use, and truly a streamlined workflow. The "G" is now calling my name *sigh*
  • bx console SSL4000 E

    by Bishop
    Ialready had a couple 4000 E plugins by different developers but i got the demo for this one and from the start I heard tracks doing stuff I had been hearing in hit songs for years really is good so pull the trigger on this one you won't be sorry