Customer Reviews

  • My favorite Channel Strip Plugin!

    by Christos
    I absolutely love this plugin! I own SEVERAL ssl channel strip plugins and this one is by far the best all around one! I love having x3 and /3 on the HPF and LPF, makes them extra useful compared to my other ssl E channel strips. The EQ sounds amazing and having both the E and G dynamic section is awesome! I find myself using a lot fewer plugins than before because I have been getting way closer to the sound in my head with this 1 plugin than i was with any of my other channel strips. My only gripe, and its small, is that I wish you could double click on a parameter and type in the value you want. Only because that is the way I am use to working. Sound wise though, they nailed it!!!
  • bx_console SSL 4000e

    by googs
    WOW! I'm in love with this plugin. It's insanely versatile and colorful. You can slap it on every track and change channels to give it a true analog console feel. Can't say enough about this one
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  • Extremely Musical

    by Flocco
    Very, very musical. I like it.
  • SSL 4000

    by Vocal Addiction Music
    Not much to say except my ears tell me that this version feels a little more high end sonically. It does react slightly different & the eq is smoother if that’s a thing. I think I might have preferred analog vu meters
  • The famous ssl 4000E

    by Produce_in_the_box_fr
    Thanks to the brainworx team!
    I turned my DAW into a great analog workstation!!!
    A must for mixing sessions or precision and sound are exepted!
    Go there with your eyes closed, it does !!!
    Oh i forgot ....the TMT just amazing!!
    Bravo l'équipe !!!
    I'am Donat Louisin Freelance sound enginner,producer,multi-instrumentalist !!!
  • Beyond my personal expectations!

    by PeteMarriott
    Dirk, please, please, please do a SoundGrid version of the bx_console SSL 4000 E so I can truly have a 56-64 channel console running in my home studio using my impact server! This is so unbelievably good, thank you!
  • bx SSL 4000E a Winner!

    by GV
    I downloaded the demo and did a side-by-side comparison with the Waves emulation. With identical EQ and compressor (level-matched) settings on a kick, snare, and a full mix, the bx was the clear winner. MUCH punchier and in your face. The added features (TMT, compressor mix level, EQ Type, random channel select, etc) make it a no-brainer. I was impressed with the different colorations you can get by changing the channels across many tracks, or even just one track. And the adjustable harmonic distortion thickens everything up, and is mandatory these days if you're mixing exclusively in-the-box. It was an easy decision to pull the trigger on this one.
  • Who needs the REAL THING

    by Paul_N_Ator
    MOVE OVER ANALOG GEAR. Brainworx has completely changed the game to “MIXING IN THE BOX”. I’ve been using another companies analog plugins for mixing since I started mixing back in 2006. But the Brainworx Console N & SSL 4000 E & G & Townhouse Buss Compressor are my goto plug-ins from now on. Sounds & feel like working on an SSL or Neve consoles. Great job and kudos to Brainworx. I’ve had more compliments on my mixes than ever before. I’ve even had clients ask me if I actually mixed it on a BIG CONSOLE. And in someways I can say I did.
  • Amazing!!!

    by Gardly
    Had not been a huge fan of an SSL E channel until this one came out!! Put it on your whole mix and watch what happens!
  • amazing

    by Kyle
    Love it. It does exactly what it's suppose to. Great tool.