Customer Reviews

  • It works as well as it looks.

    by Iggs
    After many iterations of changing from channel strip to channel strip, I found the one. The holy grail of E series emulations.
  • bx_console E was already my desert-island plugin, but...

    by (1) EQ frequencies match numbers on knobs far more accurately, (2) the input and output gain are finally matched correctly, and (3) the new global functions at the top are a nice addition. Same superb plugin, only better. Though the endorsement feels more like a bug fix to me, the upgrade fee is a minor inconvenience for what constitutes maintenance on what was already the most important plugin ever made.
  • BX_Console SSL 4000 E

    by Mickey Mess
    I have replaced the bx_console E with the new SSL 4000 E on a finished mix on ALL tracks.
    Overall I am pleased with the result. The new SSL 4000 E sounds clearer, crisper to me than the bx_console E - which is a good thing most of the time - but not for guitars. I am unable to reproduce that "mmpff" warmth feeling with the SSL 4000 E on that particular Mix which is a heavy rock song with all distorted guitars. I have tried everything to match and find that feel, harmonic distortion buttons, EQ, compression, even adding an external plugin, but to no avail - I had to go back to the bx_console E on the guitars. On everything else, it seems to shine wonderfully.
    I will try the SSL 4000 G plugin on this mix, maybe I can find that missing "mmpfff"
    Overall - a fantastic plugin and I am glad I own it - I have been using the bx_console series plugins on every session since the THD and 72 track random channels have come on the market. It really opens up a mix, glues it together and makes it huge - just like the consoles they were built after.
    So I always put the Tape machine first and then the bx_console - even on the Buss and Main out - dont' forget to randomize the bx_console tracks until you hear what you are looking for - each track is slightly different, just like the real consoles.
    Last but no least - I am happy that the bx_console E, G and N which only just recently had come out, are not a lost cause. The new SSL 4000 E and G plugins do not replace them - they are an addition to the others. This is why my mix ended up with everything but guitars on SSL 4000 E and the guitars on bx_console E !
    UPDATE ::
    IF YOU ARE ALSO OWNER OF bx_console_E -- The above mentioned test turned sour when trying to load the SONG after closing the DAW or the song ---- there appears to be an incompatablilty when running both "bx_console_E" AND "bx_console_SSL4000_E" together in a song. When reloading the song, the DAW may crash or various plugins fail to load.
    Un-installing "bx_console_SSL4000_E" and removing all instances from the song resolved the crash and lost plugin problems....
    I am waiting on Support to come back with an answer on this BUG...
  • Good but could do with some improvements

    by axb
    Beautiful top-end. Beautiful Bass. And Beautiful Mids. Great Comp.
    1. Metering is Wonky
    2. Can't input values via the keyboard
    3. No band solo.
    Wish these were there to make this the perfect channel strip.
  • Feeling Pump

    by Feeling pump
    Best quality!!
  • This is a musical instrument

    by Edward Selberie
    There are a lot of SSL emulations out there and maybe you're asking yourself if you need another one? The answer is, if you want a great sounding mix, you NEED this plugin. I recently did a test where I compared a lot of SSL emulation plugins (yes I do own almost every SSL and most other console plugins). The result: this one is the best. Why? I had the feeling that it complemented the music in a way that I considered it as an instrument to my recording. I could almost "feel" what it did to the music. This plugin is amazing. Just imagine, you can have a perfect SSL sound (72 unique channels) for less than USD 300! (check out for the great deals, esp the vouchers).
    PA even add a button so you can listen to the mids and the sides. Amazing!
    This will be the one plugin to have. PA, you are just amazing! Thank you very much for allowing me to have a perfect SSL sound in my studio!
    (btw, I have the SSL G and all other PA console plugins too)
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you for this raving review! I wish you many great mixes with your new consoles.Dirk.
  • SSL 4000 E

    by Evan Sarli
    I'm loving this plugin. More and more I find myself reaching for this one versus anything else in my plugin arsenal. It's easy to use and sounds great. Well worth the money.
  • SSL 4000E

    by Gabriel Pinheiro
    Great Plugin. Used on one or two tracks, ok. But when you start putting it on many tracks on a big mix it really starts to shine. The mix gets thicker, it's really good.
  • Console SSL 4000 E

    by KevinK
    Love the sound of this plugin. Also like the differences between the channels. Everything you need in one plugin per track.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you Kevin, and enjoy mixing.

    by Richard Salay
    Absolute best SSL plugin clon!!:)..Functionally,deep,really knobs with lot of musical sounding options and great results! Thnx Brainworx & Plugin Alliance for fantastic job!:)