Customer Reviews

  • Amazing plugin!

    by Jason
    I'm a 15 yr old from Atlanta and we use this plugin at the Boys & Girls Club studio. It is amazing! It sounds great on vocals.
  • SSL E

    by Daz
    1st thing to mention is, i cant compare this to anyother emulations of a SSL E
    However, the second I put this on my kick drum, my 808 sub, and my main bass... It all sounded fantastic
    Before even choosing a preset or turning any thing up or down
    It really does do something to your lower end and low mids, that sound thicker and more powerful
    I only use this on those types of individual channels myself, because I have a long list of plugins I still enjoy using for various other purposes...
    But this plugin is a beast for that lower end stuff in your music
    I'm sure it can be used for various other purposes, it can be pushed hard without any harshness or annoying atifacts
    Only very small? Not really an issue (im glad we have this option)
    But it can be a little difficult sometimes to close the gate/expander at the appropriate time, so you don't have any analogue humming that interferes with the mix
    But you can always sort it with a little care and attention (so i didnt drop a star for this, because it is always solvable)
    Overal im so glad I own this... I make electronic music mostly and this thing is a bass end monster of a channel strip
    Thanks BX
    Daz x
  • bx_console

    by synesthetic
    Having survived the analog summing plugin hype without buying one, the brainworx console line finally got me. Not so much for the classic and iconic brands like Neve, SSL and their sound, but for the oldschool mindset and workflow of a classic channel strip you have to adapt, which not only focuses your workflow, steering away from fiddling with half a dozen different plugins on a track, it also sets a mood. I wouldn't necessarily mix a d'n'b or dubstep track with this but for certain styles with proper gain staging the subtle variations in channels and the THD per channel allow for a pleasant mixing experience with actual results. Together with the townhouse bus compressor this is the perfect match. I'd really love to see some kind of bucket mode being able to group and quickly access several strips or their EQs, Dynamics, Fader sections.
  • The next step

    by Yvan Bing
    First time feeling like I am back on a 4K.
    On top that PT integration, size of plugin window... amazing work at Plugin Alliance. Thanks for such commitment to quality!
  • BX_Console SSL 4000 E

    by Ash Taylor
    I was reluctant to spend money on the upgrade from the older BX Console_E but trialled the new version last week. I was sold. As the upgrade was on a flash sale, I whipped it up.
    It's actually quite unsettling how much better this sounds than the original version. I had been running a hybrid between Waves SSL and the BX, intending to migrate completely to Brainworx but not feeling completely comfortable sonically to do so. My mixes had been lacking a bit of depth after fairly heavy boosts on the BX_E. I had partially blamed this down to the tracking, but the updated SSL version is night and day. My mixes now sound warmer, more 3rd, more musical, deeper, silkier and more expensive! On over 60 tracks this sort of improvement really adds up!
    You really can't get away with adding +15dB of top on the BX_E, it just turns to mush, but the SSL 4000 E is very forgiving. It keeps the integrity of the instrument and the bottom end in tact.
    The low end is less boomy too. It sounds rounder and more defined.
    You've also fixed the issue whereby the plugin boosts +1dB if you engage the HPF.
    The compressors are warmer. More akin to the Waves version which I had missed somewhat, but had favoured the BX_E for the key gating option.
    The saturation is sweeter and never gets harsh.
    I would usually lean on API and Neve style plugin EQ's for tracking, but this is now sweet enough to compete easily with those.
    The Waves SSL still has a place for me, as it's extremely point on drum busses where needed, but this version will be on 90% of my channels now.
    I'd like to see some digital metering in the plugin as I rarely lean on VU's.
    Lastly though, if we really want to make this a showstopper, then I think the hard clipping you get from driving the console slightly in to the red should be added. I still have to lean on the Slate VCC to get this effect. We may see a hit on the CPU, but it's not exactly a hog as it stands.
    Outstanding plugin though. It brings a smile to face every time I turn the knobs!
  • Awesome !!!

    by inforlk
    I have been lucky enough to buy this plugin on offer and after trying it for several hours. I would buy it again for its full price, this plugin makes each sound come alive. Congratulations Plugin Alliance for the great job.
  • SSL E/G Console emulations

    by Angelo Jannotti
    Great Sound and add grit to taste. With all the options these are fun and inspirational to mix with. I was especially surprised at how CPU efficient they are. Get them now!!!
  • SSL 4000 E

    by Midnight Son
    So I didn't know what to think about this prior to trying and then buying it. However, It instantly brought a warmth and polished sound to my mixes that I was jumping through hoops trying to get. I straight up can't live without it now and it's on all my mixes. If I could only have one plugin this would be it. Get that SSL Magic in your DAW
  • Amazing emulation

    by Dave
    I was reluctant to purchase this as I have a few other highly regarded emulations of this channel. I demo'd it and was instantly drawn in by the detail of the sound and usability.
    Options such as switching between the E and G dynamics, and switching between brown and black eq eras give extra useful options. It is also wonderful to have the TMT technology to give 72 different channels.
    This is currently my go to channel strip and choice of E emulations.
  • Bx_console e

    by GeoFF C
    I use to hang around a studio back in mid to late 80s,not being a mix engineer then i use to like watching and listening to the engineer do his thing on a ssl e,fast forward a few years i started purchasing ssl plugins and been using them on my mixes for the last 10 years or so but i could never get that sound i remembered until NOW! I purchased the bx_console e on sale,tried, love it,did a null test using the TMT, VERY INTERESTING GUYS. "These are great times we live in",THANK YOU PLUGIN ALLIANCE.