Customer Reviews

  • Perfect for Vocals

    by Herbiarz
  • This plugin is the truth

    by CWesley
    I purchased this plugin a few months ago and I thought l’d come back and write about how much I love it. Previously I was using Waves SSL E-channel. The Brainworx model is so much more smooth sounding and I love what it does to my mix especially vocals. This is my favorite plugin for sure!!
  • SSL 4000 E

    by TonVE
    Thank you thank you thank you. I almost cried when i re-did a mix with this plugin all over the tracks, just beyond imagination,
    Though it was not possible to " home studio" mix this quality. But this is it!! Thank you again you masters. Sound and music!
  • TOP Channel strip

    by M.A.
    I use it on everything. It's now part of my mixing process and use on every mix. Great EQ, great overall sound. Very easy to operate, scalable interface and TMT is great for that "console sound" on a mix.
    A must have.
  • I'm blown away again!

    by matatata
    Like with console_n THIS is different and I really like all about it! I really do! Those bx_consoles and in particular the SSL E Channel are the best strip emulation plugins I've ever seen and heard! Very useful, very well thought through and great sounding. I love the saturation and harmonics that make all sound less sterile and like a "real thing" actually. Best regards from Frankfurt am Main.
  • Great Under Limited Resources

    by Blackwell
    As a student working from a computer with limited resources to drive larger projects, the SSL 4000 E is the CPU-light Swiss Army knife I've been looking for. Brainworx has not only built a great sounding plugin but has also incorporated some nice-to-have features like the compressor's mix control, invertible expander/gate, TMT options, THD controls including the THD all knob, and V Gain controls. Even the user's manual is well laid out for quick access, something which is appreciated when I don't want to be fiddling through its pages instead of using the plugin. Overall, this plugin is great in sound, features, and usability, which is why I look forward to purchasing BX's SSL 9000 J in the future.
  • Fantastic

    by Matt Roling
    Just the best plugin version of a SSL console. It works great and it sounds great too.
  • My go to channel strip

    by Les Paul 2550
    I’ve been using the Waves E channel plugin since Waves 5.0 but this one... oh this one! This one is the shnizzle with ice cream on top. I like the TMT feature and the UI is bigger and easier to see than the Waves one. I also own the genuine SSL E channelstrip but that’s in last place. Well, it took SSL YEARS to get it to work without crashing Pro Tools or corrupting session files so I’ve given upin them. I don’t even have it installed anymore. The Brainworx version has been rock solid and sounds great. Great job!
  • SSL E Serious

    by Michael
    This is the plugin I always wanted and needed to make my mixes really come to life. It's a one stop shop. I print all my tracks initially with a little outboard eq and compression. Then I treat my DAW like an SSL with one of these on each channel and one each bus. Nothing more. And works. I know the E series inside out and this plugin has it nailed enough. It may even be slightly better. No longer any need to smack any of the modules anymore , unless you want a broken screen.
  • SSL 4000 E

    by Brasco
    Cool plugin. I compared it to waves 4000 E. I cant say one was better than the other because in my opinion they both have a "sound". I do dig PA 4000 E for the fact it seems way less CPU hungry than the waves and has more cool options to tweak a sound. Definitely a good one to have in the tool box especially for the sound and the light cpu usage