Customer Reviews

  • Insanely good

    by Synthic
    Such a great sounding plugin that literally emulates an entire SSL console in your DAW with all channels working together rather than just applying eq, comp etc on isolated channels. But please please please make the text look sharp even when the GUI size is set to 75%!
  • Great!

    by Txema
    super usefull pluging, that allows to you to print a special flavor to your channels
  • Channel Strip SSL

    by Carlos
    Sencillamente no puedo hacer una mezcla sin ellos. Están en cada canal y comparándolos con otros de otras marcas son las mejores emulaciones que he oído. Súper recomendable.
  • good, but missing a few things

    by dh
    sounds pretty great, and its nice to use, its a shame there is no oversample and no separate sidechain for the expander/gate... perhaps we'll get an update some day!
  • SSL 4000E

    by Macmac
    So, I've got the Fab Filters suite, a bunch of hardware emulations from Universal Audio, and a half dozen Isotope processors. Each and any combination of those certainly have their applications.  For years I was like "Who needs a channel strip when you have  a bunch of high end surgical and boutique plugin processors?" Much to my surprise this 4000E does something quite unique compared to all the other processors in my collection- "Depth across an entire mix"  that is otherwise difficult to achieve and characterize. And it's all based on the TMT technology.
    So here's what happens. First, the EQ and compressors in this strip are great for sculpting instruments in the respect that different violins, celli,  saxes, woodwinds; different snares, toms, and guitars can each have their own characteristic mojo. This strip is exhilarating for sculpting mojo, which is different than using a processor for "repair" or  providing "conspicuously" in a mix. It's not so much about EQ and volume placement with this strip, but rather bolstering an instrument's identity so that it stands out in the mix. This strip does this well on a variety of instruments. Seems there are better channel strips for intimate vocals or melancholy type arrangements.
    The real uniqueness begins when there is an armory of these strips across, say a dozen or your tracks.  The TMT option allows for very slight variation in each channel strip, subtle variation. If you have them on two or three channels you may not notice much. But when on a dozen channels, there is this dimensional and depth  that occurs, breathing a liveliness into the mix- the mix sounds more "real", the musicians somehow  feel closer to the listener when employing a conglomerate of these strips.
    When you purchase this strip, you're not just getting a strip; the hardware analog compressor and EQ modules that make up this strip cost $1100 each, gate and filters $1400. So if you were to build a Console with 48 channels- that does have all these slight variations in the modules-  it's going to cost a minimum 150 Grand.  The SSL 4000E is not just a strip. It is a Console. The TMT is brilliant!
  • Meu ChannelStrip favorito

    by Kelvin Diniz
    Eu sempre gostei de emulações da SSL e esse plugin me surpreendeu. Tem uma aplicação incrível na sonoridade. As frequências baixas muito suaves e as altas muito quentes ali próximo dos 7kHz. Compressor firme, Gate discreto e o THD nem se fala! É só aumentar e pronto!
  • Love This Channel Strip

    by Dallin N
    Move over Waves — the programmers at Brainworx have successfully merged authentic transformer tone into a versatile EQ/compressor/HP/LP/saturator without hogging all your RAM. The SSL 4000 E is now a default plugin for all my tracks thanks to its ease of use and instant tone improvement.
  • SSL Plug-in at its finest

    by Carl
    This is the one you need if you're looking for the SSL sound. The GUI and the controls are perfect. It sounds like a desk. The EQ makes wonders on every type of track. I use this all the time!
  • Extremely Impressive

    by JC
    After seeing this go on sale for $29 I decided I'd do a shout out with the Waves SSL EV2 to decide on which i would purchase. The bx_console SSL 4000 E just added something special I wasn't able to get with Waves. Having the ability to select 72 different channels as well as the THD control, really set this thing above any other options. Now i'm just disappointed I didn't jump on the AMEK 9099 when it was on sale!
  • My entire mixing method game changer

    by Studio Mixing & Mastering
    Since I have owned the SSL 4000 E, it quickly became an indispensable channel strip throughout all my DAWs. In all my half-decade mixing experience, I have never found a universal plugin for all purposes. Where have my ears been all this time?