Customer Reviews

  • Super useful tool !!

    by Yael Hidalgo
    I love all its functions, the equalizer is fantastic shapes the sound in a very drastic way, I love the sonority you get from the two different Eq, I got it at a very good price.
    It's my favorite channel strip
    Thanks a lot Plugin Alliance, Brainworx, and Solid State Logic.
  • SSL

    by Arto K.
    Magnificent plugin, I ise this on allmost every track and every submix bus. Very straight forward dynamic section and powerfull EQ. Adds also great spice and character with TMT and I feel no need to use any other analog modeled EQ.
  • SSL E

    by M.O.M
    Love this SSL emulation! Sounds amazing
  • My Favorite Console

    by Alexey Soloviev
    I use bx_console SSL 4000 E all the time in all of my mixes. Just love it!
  • One of the best

    by Felipe Grüber
    Best SSL emulation, better than the native one. I really love it and use it almost on everything!
  • BX console SSL 4000E

    by Vindlu
    This channelstrip changed the way I mix. I put it on every channel and use the tmt function. I use this for all instruments and vocals, but sometimes add some eq, compression with other plugins. Love the sound, the feel and big GUI.
  • My favourite plugin

    by SLoehnis
    Nothing beats this for drums. I love the black knob EQ (I haven't yet found a use for the brown as much but it's nice to have it in there) and the compressor is just gold for close mics. I use this on drums and distorted guitars, and the 4000 G emulation on everything which I want to have a stronger lower midrange presence. Both of them are miles better than the Waves emulations, and if you're patient, you can get them for basically the same price through flash sales etc.
  • Perfect for Vocals

    by Herbiarz
  • This plugin is the truth

    by CWesley
    I purchased this plugin a few months ago and I thought l’d come back and write about how much I love it. Previously I was using Waves SSL E-channel. The Brainworx model is so much more smooth sounding and I love what it does to my mix especially vocals. This is my favorite plugin for sure!!
  • SSL 4000 E

    by TonVE
    Thank you thank you thank you. I almost cried when i re-did a mix with this plugin all over the tracks, just beyond imagination,
    Though it was not possible to " home studio" mix this quality. But this is it!! Thank you again you masters. Sound and music!