Customer Reviews

  • BX SSL4000E

    by DrummerDave
    WOW! This SSL Console ROCKS!!Finally found my happy place!! I now have several plugs from Brainworx, Lindell, SPL, Millennia, and a few others. each has its place and purpose, and I thoroughly love each one! I couldn’t pass up on the unbelievable sale price of this, and am so glad I jumped on it!! I’m no pro by any stretch of the imagination, just a drummer who also likes to mix and record. This is a key piece of the puzzle for killer rock drums, bass and heavy guitars! A Huge Thank You to the incredible people at Brainworx and P.A.!!! You continue to amaze me!
  • Just wow!

    by TheAJKid
    Amazing work by Brainworx. This is a top notch plug-in, I'm truly impressed by how satisfying this is on everything and how many features they packed into it. The presets are great starting points and the plug-in makes full use of the routing an original SSL console would be capable of plus so much more. I have the Waves SSL Bundle and comparatively Brainworx takes little to no Cpu power and does it all plus more in a single AU, with actual results you're gonna be stoked to hear. This will be on my Go-To list from now on. The ONLY downside to this one is not being able to just click and type in a value, which I hope is addressed. But still well worth the 5 stars for a review. I'm too happy about this one! Thank you Bx!
  • Brings the magic sauce !!

    by Carbinax
    Damn ! I deliberated all morning, about whether I "genuinely" needed the SSL 4000 E as I'd recently bought the BX townhouse, BX digital eq v3, Acme Opticom and BX XL, but I knew within 2 minutes of trying the demo that this was a thing i'll be using on every drum buss from now on. I only went through some presets, and have yet to set up anything more "custom", but the amount of low end and punch it added to drums I thought I had already kinda maxed the dynamics out on, was jaw-dropping.
    I've never used a desk before, and certainly not an SSL, but this thing brings the magic sauce, and I'm very happy I went with my gut instinct.
    Gonna spend a lot of time getting to know this one !!
  • Bravo!

    by Jan Zazy Zazvurek
    I have got many plugins which simulate analog behavior - such as Waves NLS... So I´ve decided to buy a copy of SSL 400 E in discount.
    First I need to read the manual a little. BUT:
    0 samples latency in Pro Tools!!! - I can you use it during recording process!
    Very Low CPU usage!
    And amazing EQ and Dynamics. I tried to mix dry drums - punchy and pretty solid!
    Good job! I regret I didn´t have that earlier :-)

    by Jani J. Szentkiralyi
    This plugin is HUGE ! The new TMT and the 72 SSL channel modeling are killer and sounds amazing ! This is NOT another SSL channel strip, this is THE SSL CHANNEL STRIP !
  • SSL 400 E

    by LeeJackson
    This is the bomb, it adds weight to your mix.
  • Best SSL console emulation

    by Paulo
    The best SSL console emulation i have experimented so far. Very accurate and good sounding plugin. Use it on every channel now.
  • The Go To SSL 4000 E

    by DarkOctober
    A must have!!!! This console has the already well known interface and shaping sound has never been so easy for me. Easy to use, presets that are mostly usable and an excellent starting point! Highly recomended!
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by Wolfie
    This SSL plug-in sounds and reacts like the original analog console. You have a great deal of control. It’s very easy to get tracks to work in a mix. Very smooth and never brittle or harsh. It has become my number one go to EQ.
  • The plugin we all deserve

    by Subhajit
    Last week, my beautiful girlfriend bought me a copy of this. And holy ****! Where do I even start? The EQ bleeds character; the compressor slays on drums, bass, you name it; the saturation is the sexiest thing I have ever heard on any VST channel strip. Needless to say, all the other iterations of the SSL that I own are not being used at all. Thanks a lot, Dirk et al.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. Your girl-friend seems to be awesome!