Customer Reviews

  • Amazing bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by Voldemar_Shalom
    Simple & MEGA POWERFUL! It's really amazing plugin!!! Thanks very much, Plugin Alliance!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • SSL 4KE

    by Von-Funkenstein
    Quite simply incredible!
    If you're unable to mix an album with just this and a few ambience/modulation/bus comp processors then it's time for you to go and do something else..... say hairdressing or politics!
    Well done BX/PA, this thing is an absolute pleasure to work with..... outstanding!
  • Bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by Daniel
    + Great sounding eq, TMT technology is nice feature to have, lots of useful features included like mix knob and highpassfilter knob in dynamics section, adjustable THD, VGain, 2 styles of eq (black and brown), contains switchable E and G dynamics section, unlikable dynamics section, filters go super high or super low with x3 button.
    - I would like to be able to choose from multiple gui sizes ( let's say 50% - 200% ), compressor could be a bit snapier, more punchy, knobs are too sensitive to mouse movements, even when holding shift and going really slow, I would like it to go more smoothly with smaller increments to be able to pick the value more precisely, also no option to insert exact value with keyboard that would be nice to have with double click on certain buttons.
    Anyway this is truly great plugin!
  • SSL 4000 E

    by GG
    This channel strip is incredible, sounds punchier and warmer than the UAD one and miles ahead of the Waves channel. It barely takes up any CPU so I can have an instance on every track. The EQ is so strong and musical, I was able to transform this thin sounding DI guitar rhythm recording that my friend sent me into a pristine and round guitar track with some compression in a minute. Everything has so much punch and you can get a super clean sound. Gonna use this thing on everything, best 50$ spent for a plugin.
  • SSL Review

    by Spencer
    I love this plugin. I moved from waves to this frankly for the price. I got it on sale, and even at full price it is about half the cost of running a UAD rig, and although the SSL plugins made by SSL themselves are about a similar price, they don't model the console, which is what I really wanted. I have to start with the EQ as I was blown away by them. Waves' EQ on the SSL really thins the sound out when you boost at all, and there isn't the same thickness and body as with the PA version. I love it for that alone. The distortion offered in this plug in has removed a plug in from my vocal and drum chain as I get the subtle fuzz I want in this unit alone (saving on valuable CPU). The compressors and gates sound amazing. I use it on everything, and in combination with the waves buss compressor I find I have everything I need to make my mixes sound fatter, edgier, and brighter than before, with the compressors really gluing it all together. I recommend gain staging all your tracks down to -18db with a VU meter to get the best results possible (yes, your mix will be a tad quieter, but it will sound infinitely better, and interact with the plugins more pleasantly). I was going to give The PA SSL four stars until I referenced the manual and learned about the randomize feature that will automatically assign different channels (and channel stereo pairs) to your mix so I don't have to sit there and do it by hand (like I stupidly did for my first mix with this). I have nothing but praise for this unit and for anyone who wishes to give a console and analog vibe to their mixes (especially in genres like pop, rock, hip hop, metal, country, funk, and blues) should definitely pick up this or PA's G series, they are simply amazing. I definitely recommend having on hand either the waves or UAD buss compressor (as they emulate the analog sound and colouration that the SSL company plugins do not) to use on your master buss though, as keeping with the console vibe, using those units will give you a similar style of compression and cohesion as you would expect, with the ability to really tighten up the sound and make it loud and punchy (at 10:1) or just gently guide your sound and tame wayward transients (at 4:1). Great job PA, you just gained a loyal customer!
  • Loving this plugin

    by Danny
    Amazed how smooth and great this plugin sounds! The eqs sound wonderful and the compressor great sounding. With the THD saturation it gives my tracks just that extra something I wasn't getting without it.
  • Amazing plugin!

    by Jason
    I'm a 15 yr old from Atlanta and we use this plugin at the Boys & Girls Club studio. It is amazing! It sounds great on vocals.
  • SSL E

    by Daz
    1st thing to mention is, i cant compare this to anyother emulations of a SSL E
    However, the second I put this on my kick drum, my 808 sub, and my main bass... It all sounded fantastic
    Before even choosing a preset or turning any thing up or down
    It really does do something to your lower end and low mids, that sound thicker and more powerful
    I only use this on those types of individual channels myself, because I have a long list of plugins I still enjoy using for various other purposes...
    But this plugin is a beast for that lower end stuff in your music
    I'm sure it can be used for various other purposes, it can be pushed hard without any harshness or annoying atifacts
    Only very small? Not really an issue (im glad we have this option)
    But it can be a little difficult sometimes to close the gate/expander at the appropriate time, so you don't have any analogue humming that interferes with the mix
    But you can always sort it with a little care and attention (so i didnt drop a star for this, because it is always solvable)
    Overal im so glad I own this... I make electronic music mostly and this thing is a bass end monster of a channel strip
    Thanks BX
    Daz x
  • bx_console

    by synesthetic
    Having survived the analog summing plugin hype without buying one, the brainworx console line finally got me. Not so much for the classic and iconic brands like Neve, SSL and their sound, but for the oldschool mindset and workflow of a classic channel strip you have to adapt, which not only focuses your workflow, steering away from fiddling with half a dozen different plugins on a track, it also sets a mood. I wouldn't necessarily mix a d'n'b or dubstep track with this but for certain styles with proper gain staging the subtle variations in channels and the THD per channel allow for a pleasant mixing experience with actual results. Together with the townhouse bus compressor this is the perfect match. I'd really love to see some kind of bucket mode being able to group and quickly access several strips or their EQs, Dynamics, Fader sections.