Customer Reviews

  • Great Under Limited Resources

    by Blackwell
    As a student working from a computer with limited resources to drive larger projects, the SSL 4000 E is the CPU-light Swiss Army knife I've been looking for. Brainworx has not only built a great sounding plugin but has also incorporated some nice-to-have features like the compressor's mix control, invertible expander/gate, TMT options, THD controls including the THD all knob, and V Gain controls. Even the user's manual is well laid out for quick access, something which is appreciated when I don't want to be fiddling through its pages instead of using the plugin. Overall, this plugin is great in sound, features, and usability, which is why I look forward to purchasing BX's SSL 9000 J in the future.
  • Fantastic

    by Matt Roling
    Just the best plugin version of a SSL console. It works great and it sounds great too.
  • My go to channel strip

    by Les Paul 2550
    I’ve been using the Waves E channel plugin since Waves 5.0 but this one... oh this one! This one is the shnizzle with ice cream on top. I like the TMT feature and the UI is bigger and easier to see than the Waves one. I also own the genuine SSL E channelstrip but that’s in last place. Well, it took SSL YEARS to get it to work without crashing Pro Tools or corrupting session files so I’ve given upin them. I don’t even have it installed anymore. The Brainworx version has been rock solid and sounds great. Great job!
  • SSL E Serious

    by Michael
    This is the plugin I always wanted and needed to make my mixes really come to life. It's a one stop shop. I print all my tracks initially with a little outboard eq and compression. Then I treat my DAW like an SSL with one of these on each channel and one each bus. Nothing more. And works. I know the E series inside out and this plugin has it nailed enough. It may even be slightly better. No longer any need to smack any of the modules anymore , unless you want a broken screen.
  • SSL 4000 E

    by Brasco
    Cool plugin. I compared it to waves 4000 E. I cant say one was better than the other because in my opinion they both have a "sound". I do dig PA 4000 E for the fact it seems way less CPU hungry than the waves and has more cool options to tweak a sound. Definitely a good one to have in the tool box especially for the sound and the light cpu usage
  • SSL 4000 E...

    by The Pooh
    Drums, drums, drums and more drums...
    This is a great plug for drums... all drums, any drums.
    The EQ has a magic genie built in to it... apparently.
    The force is strong with this one!
    Drum on!
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by Galaxy Bridge
    Yes of course there are many good SSL E channel emulations out there. But none of them sounds as good, warm and "analog" as the bx_console SSL 4000 E from Brainworx. Just try it out!
  • SSL 4000E

    by ianjphil
    Huge fan on the SSL 4000E. It’s become my go-to for Drums and Lead Vocal’s. Every element of the plugin is so much further ahead than the previous SSL emulation I was using. Everything sounds fatter and more open. The TMT modelling also gives so many tonal options from one plugin. Very impressed!
  • ssl 4000E

    by simplismente fantástica
    simplismente o plugins mas proximo da ssl que você vera.lindo!!!
  • Amazing plugin

    by Mike
    I've not had the privilege to work on an actual SSL desk, but just based on comparisons with similar emulations, I found that personally even if I could tonally get the others to match... This emulation just adds a weight and smoothness to the top end that the others don't.
    I know you have the townhouse... But it would be great if you guys could now do an emulation of a SSL G Buss Compressor.