Customer Reviews

  • SSL 4000 E

    by Roland
    Dieses Plugin ist echt der Hammer.
    Normalerweise bin ich sehr reserviert gegenüber Emulationen von analogem Equipment. Aber diese hat mich überzeugt. Schon allein ein rough Mix, dem ich meinem Auftraggeber ohne weitere Bearbeitung nur unter dem Einsatz dieses Plugins in wenigen, aber wichtigen Spuren, bereit stellen musste, war schon (fast) perfekt. In einem zweiten Projekt habe ich von Anfang an die SSL 4000 E Console in jedem Kanal eingefügt. Ich muss sagen - und ich komme aus der handwerklichen analogen Welt - das Ergebnis war überzeugend. Mein Auftraggeber, der normalerweise in Nashville produziert, war begeistert. Das einzige was ich vermisse ist die originale Konsole mit den vielen Reglern ... man verzeihe mir die Nostalgie. Schöne Grüße vom aus Ulm.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Die vielen Knöpfe und den Geruch einer warmen SSL Konsole vermissen wir alle! Dieser Spaß ist nicht zu simulieren! :-)
  • ssl 4000E

    by PMT Studio
    I have the waves version and this gem side by side and this has way more depth and definition in the presence of the same source wow also the added fader and G dynamics thanks for all the work you put into those Dirk
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. There are way more people involved in this than just me though.Dirk.
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    Bought this as substitute for uad ssl and console one to use on laptop - and damn! this thing sounds awesome. buy it!

    by Esteban Vargas
    Uso este plugin en cada canal de mis mezclas, es completamente EXQUISITO !!!
  • Plug in terbaik tahun 2019 - versi saya tentunya LOL

    by Petra Wewra
    Meski saya blm pernah menggunakan SSL console hardware sebelumnya dan tidak bisa mengkoparasi dengan fair antara hardware dan versi plug in ini. Akan tetapi jika kamu ingin menambahkan 'analog vibe' di DAW-mu, ya kalo aq bilang ini salah satu plug in yang bisa kamu andalkan.
    Ada 72 channel yang bisa kamu pilih. Saya juga memiliki emulasi SSL E dari developer plug in lain tapi menurut saya bx_console SSL 4000 E lebih bagus, suaranya lebih open, lebih halus, saturasinya lebih warm dan tidak menggorok CPU prosesing kamputer saya.
    Semoga dalam waktu dekat saya bisa membeli bx_console SSL G dan bx_townhouse biar makin lengkap rasa SSL di DAW saya.
    Terimakasih Pluginalliance dan Brairworx....
    produk2 kalian sungguh ciamiiiikkkk!!!!
  • Need a go-to channel strip?

    by Demious
    Ive used another wellknown brand's SSL E channel strip before, but when I tried the BX one, it was like my mixes where coming to life, it was like the sound opened up. The SSL E has quickly become my go-to channel strip and now, with the 80 series being released, I think those 2 plugins make a great combo and open up a world of possibilities.
  • SSL E soul

    by Alfredo
    Yes, all the wide and big sound, nothing more to say, just almost (or the same) than with a hardware, amazing, I am so happy because I used hardware and builded, and now with the Console N, E y G, I have all wath I need of analog sound. Really great. Remember setting the TDH control, that is very important. Really professional plugin
  • Maybe the best channel strip

    by Boaz-Chris v.k.
    Was looking for a replacement of waves Omni Channel which was a big disappointment. Didn't live op to the hype. So I did a demo of the SSL E.
    Sound is big and impressive of the EQ and the virtual gain response in a way a large console response. Never worked on an SSl desk, but it reminded me of a Midas XL4 Pre.
    When comparing the virtual gain to a Waves NLS, the SSL E is more smooth, where the NLS is more Harsh in comparison. While both might be useful, the SSL E reacts in a way I like more
    The EQ does seem to do more than it says, when hooking it up to an analyser. Having said that trying to replicate the same with another EQ, the SSL E is a clear winner. Sound is large and eazy to shape. Leaves many SSL plugin sounding thin.
    The expander gate works nice. Easy to use with good results.
    CPU is really good, so far really impressed.
  • Amazing bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by Voldemar_Shalom
    Simple & MEGA POWERFUL! It's really amazing plugin!!! Thanks very much, Plugin Alliance!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it