Customer Reviews

  • Amazing!!

    by Mchangani
    I bought this right after acquiring the N Console because the N is great but not on everything, so I opted for two different strips depending on the sound I am composing...This plugin is a winner and I use it everyday even more than the N console....I love both but I seem to always sway to the ssl E!! Normally the Console N works well on rhodes vocals and when I want warmth to my music...but the SSL E!!!!is just everything! try it and you will understand. the low end is punchy, mids clear, highs silky!!! It works on everything and all genres!! love this plugin and The Neve N Console!! at times I use both but the ssl E is always on my drums and synths !! The best strip I have ever used! I literally use this on every channel and it does not mess with the CPU! Brainworx Rulez!

    by Cyrille.C
    If You can't mix an album only with Console E, change your profession...
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks! ;-)
  • The only SSL E channel I need

    by Alex
    I put this on every track. And I think you should too!! The compressor and gate sound fantastic. I really appreciate the added sidechain functionality. The EQ can do a subtle bump and nudge, or big sweeping cuts/boosts and it all sounds great. THD really adds a lot of character to every channel. And Brainworx's TMT feature is not a marketing gimmick. It is a crucial part of what makes this plugin so special. If you can't hear the differences every time you click the "Random All" button, you should really question your monitoring. This plugin is a MUST HAVE!
  • We found each other

    by Alex Sate
    You know how it can be frustrating - when you hear what you need/want to do with the sound, open plugin and, for some reason, are not able to do the conceived? This story is not about bx_console SSL 4k E.
    I am in love.
    You need to sculpt the sound and to level the mistakes that were made while recording? Here you are.
    You need to make decisions as fast as your thoughts flying?
    Clean or dirty, subtle or evident - it's your call. With this channel strip, no one will be able to stop you!
  • 400e Swiss Army Knife!

    by Fader
    I use this plugin on every mix. It turns my DAW into an SSL 4k Console. I have other SSL plugins and this one is hands down the best I have used. Very true in sound and response to the real console! Plus it has enhanced features that anyone using a real SSL wishes it had. If you want that signature musical EQ / Compressor with punch and warmth, then you want this plugin!
  • This is The WINNER!

    by Ikuya
    There is done!
    My office has SL4000 with G of 8s + E of 48s. This plugin replaces everything they can! No need for patch and repair!
    CPU attack is small,but We are very happy to correspond to softube console 1 and UAD:)
    Anyway…They are the winners.
  • Sounds good but Critical error

    by Modern_Eagle
    I really liked the sound of SSL channel,
    but there is a critical error , it literally killed my projects and never able to open it. and you're filtering my review , so I'm writing again.
    Plugin Alliance response
    We are not filtering you. Please let our Support know what happened. I don't know what happened here as I hear about this for the first time, but in most DAWs there is a keyboard shortcut to open sessions without the plugins, so if any plugin causes such a terrible bug you can open the session, get rid of the plugins in the sessions and save the rest of your work. Hopefully our team will be able to help here. Dirk.
  • Good stuff

    by EA
    Industry standard must have
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by jb
    I bought the plugin because of the 72 channel resolution. It sounds very open and transparent but still has the slightly rough sound SSL E.Super practically the random channel function. The performance is outstanding. The CPU is hardly loaded at 72 instances.
    Highly recommended, for me better than the SSL channel of Waves.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks. What's missing for a 5th star?
  • AMAZING !!

    by Jaff
    we all have a so-called SSL plugin but this one is a real game-changer !
    I put one instance on every track of my session (around 50 !) : the CPU meter remains friendly !
    And the sound ... sounds natural, real, in-life, ... This mix was the easiest one I've ever done !
    And for the first time, I put only one plugin on every track because this guy does the job !! Period !