Customer Reviews

  • Best SSL console emulation

    by Paulo
    The best SSL console emulation i have experimented so far. Very accurate and good sounding plugin. Use it on every channel now.
  • The Go To SSL 4000 E

    by DarkOctober
    A must have!!!! This console has the already well known interface and shaping sound has never been so easy for me. Easy to use, presets that are mostly usable and an excellent starting point! Highly recomended!
  • bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by Wolfie
    This SSL plug-in sounds and reacts like the original analog console. You have a great deal of control. It’s very easy to get tracks to work in a mix. Very smooth and never brittle or harsh. It has become my number one go to EQ.
  • The plugin we all deserve

    by Subhajit
    Last week, my beautiful girlfriend bought me a copy of this. And holy ****! Where do I even start? The EQ bleeds character; the compressor slays on drums, bass, you name it; the saturation is the sexiest thing I have ever heard on any VST channel strip. Needless to say, all the other iterations of the SSL that I own are not being used at all. Thanks a lot, Dirk et al.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. Your girl-friend seems to be awesome!
  • At first sceptical, but great tbh

    by KV
    I wanted the SSL4000 E for quite some time, but the price always reminded me that I don't want to pay that much for a plugin while not earning any money with my music. I don't really like the waves stuff, that is why I haven't bought the SSL from them for $99.
    Now the SSL was on sale at PluginAlliance and I thought it is a good deal so why not giving it a try. At first I had to get used to not using a visual EQ etc. My first few minutes with the channel strip were rather disappointing. That was the moment when I thought that I might have wasted 99 bucks. But after spending some more time and really trying to focus on the sound, rather than the visuals I fell in love with it!
    After using it on quite some channels now and trying to figure out all the stuff (and I am far away from being a professional), this plugin made my sound a lot better and warmer. I just compared the EQ-section to the stock Ableton EQ and there are worlds between them. I do highly recommend the plugin, but you might want to wait for a sale if you are on a budget
  • OMG

    by Mirko Schaffer
    I grew up with that desk in the 90ies and was pretty much crying the day we exchanged the G for an J in our big mixing room...
    What can I say: You guys absolutely nailed it and I have to say that your competitors weren't able to create the mojo of this desk as good as you did! Masterpiece, very very impressed !!!
  • Fantastic!!

    by BMan
    I've tried and used almost all of the other big SSL style plugins on the market, and while they are all okay with their own strengths and weaknesses, I've never really been fully satisfied with any of them...until now. The bx SSL 4000 has officially replaced them all in my projects! EQ and dynamics both sound fantastic, and alongside the extra features like TMT and switchable EQ types, this is easily the most complete SSL plugin package you're going to find right now. I'm very happy with it! The only thing that could make it better is being able to double click on a knob and type in a specific value. ;) Great job with this plugin!!
  • Amazing!!

    by Mchangani
    I bought this right after acquiring the N Console because the N is great but not on everything, so I opted for two different strips depending on the sound I am composing...This plugin is a winner and I use it everyday even more than the N console....I love both but I seem to always sway to the ssl E!! Normally the Console N works well on rhodes vocals and when I want warmth to my music...but the SSL E!!!!is just everything! try it and you will understand. the low end is punchy, mids clear, highs silky!!! It works on everything and all genres!! love this plugin and The Neve N Console!! at times I use both but the ssl E is always on my drums and synths !! The best strip I have ever used! I literally use this on every channel and it does not mess with the CPU! Brainworx Rulez!

    by Cyrille Cassier
    If You can't mix an album only with Console E, change your profession...
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks! ;-)
  • The only SSL E channel I need

    by Alex
    I put this on every track. And I think you should too!! The compressor and gate sound fantastic. I really appreciate the added sidechain functionality. The EQ can do a subtle bump and nudge, or big sweeping cuts/boosts and it all sounds great. THD really adds a lot of character to every channel. And Brainworx's TMT feature is not a marketing gimmick. It is a crucial part of what makes this plugin so special. If you can't hear the differences every time you click the "Random All" button, you should really question your monitoring. This plugin is a MUST HAVE!