Customer Reviews

  • SSL 4000 G

    by Charles Cote
    I own just about every SSL emulation available, and this is my new favorite. For me, this is a next generation upgrade over the other channels available on the market, thanks to TMT, which imparts a subtle warmth and depth that is difficult to achieve any other way, and had eluded me even when using console emulations from other companies. However, I did withhold one star due to the fiddly nature of the user interface. I find the knobs difficult to use... they are very touchy, and it is easy to over adjust. I ended up mapping the controls to a midi controller which gives me more control when dialing in EQ changes. One other positive... if you mix rock, the SSL G EQ is incredible. I find you can dial in the mid range in a way that is warmer than with the E series, which is great for heavy guitar and bass. After using E series emulations for over the last 8 years, the G eq is a welcome departure... it rocks with warm character! In summary, if the UI was a little less touchy this would have been a 5 start review. Thanks for the great plugin Brainworx!
  • Wow

    by D Lawrence
    I have been making and mixing music for 13 or so years now and I cannot believe I am now learning about plugin alliance. I got this emulation with the pick pack deal. It sounds INCREDIBLE. I wish I had this stuff earlier. Makes a big difference when you know what you are doing.
  • Been lusting for it since trying it...

    by raansire
    First, I want to give thanks to Plugin Alliance for doing their thing and making this happen, this bringing of awesome plugins. I'm eternally grateful.
    People say plugins don't make tracks, and that's true...but sometimes you need a particular plugin, because your entire track building is based on a particular sound. Without said plugin, the track cannot be translated from the mind to the DAW.
    This is where bx_console SSL 4000 G comes in. Ever since I tried it and heard what it could do, I made this really loud test track with an 808 kick and some congas.
    I usually dislike loud tracks and prefer huge dynamic range, but this track called for extreme loudness without sounding too compressed. It was possible with this plugin.
    All my other plugins and even my hardware killed the 808 kick's thump past a certain level, making it sound compressed and mushy. This plugin enhanced the 808 thump so hard and loud, I could not believe.
    I've never heard such an amazing kick before anywhere. It was possible with this plugin! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I just bought it with the discounts. Thanks so much, PA.
    Everything about it is easy to use, sounds great, and the ability to make things loud without artifacts is amazing. My L3 plugin can't pull it off.
    Thanks to Brainworx for making this AMAZING plugin. I will use it all the time. This is the type of plugin you go back to, instead of having it cluttering the plugin list in your DAW. God bless you guys! Peace!
  • SSL Console 4000 G

    by Mike Vamp
    TMT? such an amazing feature!
    Last year I bought the Console N which I totally enjoyed working with.
    My latest works in Live, Cubase and ProTools sound much better now.
    I used to work on a real 48 track SSL console for a couple of months and missed the sound of it. Now I grabbed the occasion to add the bx_console SSL G to my bx_console N and entered a new level!
    I appreciate Dirk´s tips in the manual : )
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks! Finally I get a shout-out for the tips in the manual! Enjoy. ;-)
  • Unbelievable console emulation

    by N I M B V S
    I grabbed the 4000 G through a pickpack to give these console emulations a whirl, and I'm thoroughly hooked. Easily the best emulation I've heard on the market right now. It's so good that it's earned a permanent place in my template on just about every channel.
  • Great tool

    by Daniel
    I am super happy with this channel strip. The sound quality is superb, and it looks great. After spending some time with it, I have also found that it's given me a nice boost to my workflow, since I just reach out for it first when mixing. Really big recommendation from me.
  • bx_console SSL 4000G

    by Till
    Amazing sounding plugin. Just the fact that it pulls the bass in and cleans it up nicely when inserted is worth buying it.
    I would have given it 5 stars but unfortunately the plugin crashes my system.
  • BX Console SSL

    by audioangel
    Always looking to improve that's why I buy Plugin Alliance plugins. Simply the best no doubt. I have all the orginal BX Consoles and would recommend this one no ifs no buts.
    Davy Smyth
    Wizard Sound Studios
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks man!
  • SSL 4000G

    by Spinncontrol
    Just got this last night, already have a version from another company...Ok heres the thing, I should have gotten this one long ago. The other one is going in the Plug-In freezer...but in my defense I had not heard of Brainworx until a few months ago... Going forward I have no excuse, I love Plugin Alliance product.
    Spinncontrol Productions
  • WOW!

    by Hadley
    Get this right now. You will not regret it, one of the most amazing channel strip plugins iv ever heard