Customer Reviews

  • bx_console SSL 4000 G

    by Licorne Rouge
    Incredible !!! Awesome !!! This is the Color I was looking for ! The #1 tool for my "in the box" mixes and even I think I will use this as well as a major tool for my Digital to Analog Mixes on my TOFT Audio 32 channels Desk !
    Well I've been using SSL Emulation from "other brands" in my Digital mixes and I was quite satisfied but still looking for something else to reach the analog sound I'm use to like the one I have in my ATB32 and I've also heard on SSL desks.
    NOW comparing those "previously owned SSL plugins" to this bx_console 4000 G it's just amazing how the difference can be heard... And when I try the SSL comp from this "other brand" it just destroy the mix ! So I've just decided to throw them away from my plugin list ! ha ha ha
    And THIS one will be on TOP of the list ! I cannot say how much richness and fullness the sound is ! You just gotta try it by yourself : Download the plugin try it on the 14 days demo and decide by yourself !
    Unprecedented emulation and functionnalities !
    Excellent !
    Now I'm addicted ;)
  • Wonderful!!!

    by DuOne
    If you need something for GLUE YOUR MIX TOGETHER you're on right page. Just put this plugin on whole mix in your DAW or mix it with other emulations and you start going crazy from this plugins!!! If you are some digital kid from these days and you really ain't got clue what this knobs doing but you're alright with digital EQ what showing you frequencies just hit some digital EQ after that SSL strip in your DAW and you simple find out. And if you wanna train your ears to listen not see what happening in your mix just go get this.
    Briliant emulation!!!
    BIG UP! For all programers and peoples what work hard on this!
  • Superb

    by fash40
    I’ve never used SSL consoles so can’t give you a comparison but if you need a damn good channel strip and don’t want to buy into Waves ‘update’ system, get this. Sounds lovely and very ‘full’, with a very smooth eq. Especially good on vocals but literally makes everything sound better.

    by oberholz_music_berlin
    No matter what, these are extremely creative EQs. The orange knob EQ on Acoustics is sweet. Sounds nice when boosting 8-10 db @ 8 kHz. Ads a glassy top end sheen, which I never heard in other G-SSL plug ins - including the Waves one.
    I can't hear a difference to my console mixes anymore.
    Only dream would be to be able to switch between G and E in one single window, instead of loading a complete new instance.
  • Great Plugin

    by José Roberto
    A very good Plugin it really changes the sound in an impressive way, A fantastic product.
  • This console is AMAZING

    by Fuz
    Guys, never used a real one... Never had the chance to see it for real though. If this plugin is an emulation of the real one, what a miss!! Hopefully this channels are AMAZING!!!! And i mean it, AMAZING!!! Right now i track my band live with this amazing 4000 G emulation on my DAW and all my bandmates can't believe to what they hear. Thank You guys at PA, you definitely know how to apply your magic!!!
  • 4000 G

    by Doc
    Absolutely love this Channelstrip.
    90% of my EQ and compression is done with it (not to mention the amazing TMT on top of that!).
  • bx_console SSL 4000G

    by Ahrayeph
    While I already own a few emulations of the SSL 4000G EQ from other companies, I just felt I had to try this console emulation out, and it didn't disappoint. Although I'm not working on a project right now, I did some tests with the Fuchs Train II and bx_Megasingle, just to see how the two different EQ types would relate. Turns out the pink knob fits great with the Train II while the orange knob is well suited to the Megasingle, even though I'm sure that, with tweaking and depending on which kind of sound you're after, either would fit. That's the beauty of this channel : it gives you several options without having to resort to another plugin. Really sweet and easy. They both really enhance the sonics of either amp sim. I'm really looking forward to trying this channel out on drums and bass.
  • Amazing

    by mightywarsaw
    Between this and the 9000J, I could be any happier. I love the musicality and bite of the G and how it adds a wonderful weight and depth to the source. Love it!
  • Lovin it

    by Sandman Pro
    Great one! I love everything that has to do with the SSL, but this one it really works. I custom a preset for my bass and it makes it fat and warm as I like it.