Customer Reviews

  • 4000 G

    by Doc
    Absolutely love this Channelstrip.
    90% of my EQ and compression is done with it (not to mention the amazing TMT on top of that!).
  • bx_console SSL 4000G

    by Ahrayeph
    While I already own a few emulations of the SSL 4000G EQ from other companies, I just felt I had to try this console emulation out, and it didn't disappoint. Although I'm not working on a project right now, I did some tests with the Fuchs Train II and bx_Megasingle, just to see how the two different EQ types would relate. Turns out the pink knob fits great with the Train II while the orange knob is well suited to the Megasingle, even though I'm sure that, with tweaking and depending on which kind of sound you're after, either would fit. That's the beauty of this channel : it gives you several options without having to resort to another plugin. Really sweet and easy. They both really enhance the sonics of either amp sim. I'm really looking forward to trying this channel out on drums and bass.
  • Amazing

    by mightywarsaw
    Between this and the 9000J, I could be any happier. I love the musicality and bite of the G and how it adds a wonderful weight and depth to the source. Love it!
  • Lovin it

    by Sandman Pro
    Great one! I love everything that has to do with the SSL, but this one it really works. I custom a preset for my bass and it makes it fat and warm as I like it.
  • Me Likey Likey :)

    by Goldcoco
    I am new at mixing.....
    I like The SSL 4000 G a lot.
    Actually I like all your plugins...
    I have the Lindell 80 Series and the Maag 4EQ and the XLA- 3A....
    I am waiting for a nice deal for the Bus Compressor...:)
  • WOW

    by Paul Kruz
    Feeling Like Mixed By Ali
  • SSL 4000 G

    by Starfucher
    It is the ssl sound. Add the plug in on every track of your drum and you don't need any other to make a great and pro sound, therefore less cpu usage, better sound in one plug in. Some other company produce the same console emulation but doesn't sound like plugin alliance.
  • what's not to love?

    by GuyWithAFork
    workflow workflow workflow .... do any of us need to write a review ? its SSL and Brainworks ...... Go Get It
  • Awesome plugin

    by Jim
    If you haven't tried it yet, I'd recomment getting at least one month of MEGA to try this and many other "console" style plugins out.
    This one has great analog warmth. The TMT (Tolerance Modelling Technology) really gives it a unique sound when using any of the 72 channels, just like it would sound on a real console with electronic component tolerances ranging from 0.1% to 20%. Once I've set everything up, I use the random channel selector to find a pair of channels that have an even better character for the instrument. Really helps out with creativity!
    Still experimenting with it, but I'm so happy with the sound this plugin gives my mixes.
  • SSL G

    by element4audio
    Really great and clean sound, with all the timbre from a SSL. I know very well the SSL sound, and this plugin have all the personallity, I feel the same with the software and hardware, but with all the better context that come with work on the box.