Customer Reviews

  • Great tool

    by Daniel
    I am super happy with this channel strip. The sound quality is superb, and it looks great. After spending some time with it, I have also found that it's given me a nice boost to my workflow, since I just reach out for it first when mixing. Really big recommendation from me.
  • bx_console SSL 4000G

    by Till
    Amazing sounding plugin. Just the fact that it pulls the bass in and cleans it up nicely when inserted is worth buying it.
    I would have given it 5 stars but unfortunately the plugin crashes my system.
  • BX Console SSL

    by audioangel
    Always looking to improve that's why I buy Plugin Alliance plugins. Simply the best no doubt. I have all the orginal BX Consoles and would recommend this one no ifs no buts.
    Davy Smyth
    Wizard Sound Studios
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks man!
  • SSL 4000G

    by Spinncontrol
    Just got this last night, already have a version from another company...Ok heres the thing, I should have gotten this one long ago. The other one is going in the Plug-In freezer...but in my defense I had not heard of Brainworx until a few months ago... Going forward I have no excuse, I love Plugin Alliance product.
    Spinncontrol Productions
  • WOW!

    by Hadley
    Get this right now. You will not regret it, one of the most amazing channel strip plugins iv ever heard
  • Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000 G

    by Robby
    Love it, works better & in better detail than the eariler version....I'm old School Guitar(Accust & Elec) Driven from Folk, Country to Blues it works with all of them , very well & I'm still learning to use it
  • Another winner!

    by PeteMarriott
    Who do I have to bribe to have a face to face meeting with Dirk so I can express to him why this console and other consoles should have SoundGrid wrappers? You guys did an amazing job nailing the SSL sound and behavior! Thank you!
  • Who needs the REAL THING

    by Paul_N_Ator
    MOVE OVER ANALOG GEAR. Brainworx has completely changed the game to “MIXING IN THE BOX”. I’ve been using another companies analog plugins for mixing since I started mixing back in 2006. But the Brainworx Console N & SSL 4000 E & G & Townhouse Buss Compressor are my goto plug-ins from now on. Sounds & feel like working on an SSL or Neve consoles. Great job and kudos to Brainworx. I’ve had more compliments on my mixes than ever before. I’ve even had clients ask me if I actually mixed it on a BIG CONSOLE. And in someways I can say I did.
  • SSL 4000G

    by JJ
    Fantastic! Beats allother SSL emulations hands down.
  • Channeling sonic spirit

    by J
    I like channel strip plugins, when all the elements combine well and as you would expect an SSL approve stripe this does.
    The tweekable THD is great, Brown - Black, swap out bits very flexible
    Nice one