Customer Reviews

  • Spot on!

    by lurojas
    Brainworx has hit it out the park with this one again. Partnering with SSL on this project was brilliant. This is the first plugin I pull up now to sit on any vocal track. Not to mention when I want to impart a console feel to the entire mix with very low CPU usage. Just tweaking the TMT settings will give your whole mix a different vibe without being overly dramatic. This channel strip also has my favorite expander section!!!
  • The definitive SSL G Plugin

    by MixedbyMe
    This needs no introduction, Its a classic for a good reason, and this is the first time that a channel strip has stepped up to the mark and delivered EVERYTHING it promises and then some
  • The king of channel strips

    by Protoculture
    Brainworx's TMT channel modelling on their console strips are second to none. In my opinion you won't find a better solution to mixing in software or a better emulation of SSL's hardware. I haven't found anything that sounds quite like it... first class EQ and Dynamics emulations, but the real star of the show is the ability to sum multiple channels together and achieve a realistic 'console sound' completely ITB with the multiple modelled channels you have on offer. The new inter-plugin connectivity allowing you to set the THD for all channels from a single instance now is a huge improvement for me too. Congrats to Brainworx, you guys have created a masterpiece.
    Plugin Alliance response
    We're happy to hear you like the new features and the improved modeling! Enjoy.
  • bx_console SSL 4000 G

    by Pino Pischetola
    Great update over previous version.
    This is probably the best 4000 G in software
    Really cleaner sounding compared to 4000 E but with the option of using 4000 E dynamic section.
    Great Job Brainworx!!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks. Now mix some hits! ;-)
  • Lovely Plugin

    by JoDell Playmaker
    I can't give enough praise to Brainworx and SSL for this collaboration. The SSL 4000G is great to set up your mixes. Just adding the plugin to all your channels gives you a different feel. The eq feels spot on and the compressor gives your sound that polish. Don't sleep on the filters to cleanup your unwanted frequencies as well. The THD will give your sound that last nudge to get it just right in the mix.