Customer Reviews

  • Surprisingly Good

    by IncandescentAudio
    It's practically invisible sounding when dialed in. I got this in a bundle not really expecting to use it but it's become my go-to dynamic eq and de-esser. Another win from Brainworx!
  • BX_dynEQ V2

    by ABC du beatmaking
    It's realy Nice est for the side chaine ,it's a smal vst but very powerfull and usefull
  • yoku

    by aj
  • Cant live without

    by Maarten
    I love this thing! De-essing, ducking, palm-mute control, controlling jumping out bass notes. I even have tracks where I use 2 of these for different functions, I wouldnt know what to do without it anymore.
  • Good De-esser

    by Headstack
    This thing is one of the first dynamic EQ plugins ever, and still finds its way into jobs often enough.
    Highly recommended!
  • Holy snaps this I great!

    by institute of Dartmouth
    Great for mixing and mastering no one likes setting up complicated effect chains. Plus not all them go together good.this simplifies things in a a way that works..
  • Huge time saver!

    by spbmac
    The solo features in PA/BX plugins are absolutely essential for me. Being able to zero in on exactly what I'm trying to fix as well as being able to switch between what is being removed, the resulting effect, what the side chain is hearing, etc...this plugin is a huge time saver! So many useful modes/tools all in one well designed UI with highly precise/clean dynamic control. bx boom is a saweeeeet bonus!
    I absolutely love this plugin!
  • Best De-esser ever

    by Coletti
    This plug-in seems difficult at a first look, but when you get used to it you have a great tool for transparent and smooth correction. For me it works perfectly as de-esser, it's just so transparent!! Great piece of engineering.
  • bx_dynEQ

    by orlando_sonido
    This is one of my favorite plugins of all. Impressive control over the dynamics of specific frequencies, the control over the stereo and mono processing is outstanding and many more features. This is essential for any mixing and mastering task.
  • DynEQ

    by element4audio
    I love it, the M/S option is so useful. Really good and innovate plugin, the tone and options are amazing. If you can give you a nice present, this eq is it.