Customer Reviews

  • Surprised

    by Control Freak
    To be completely honest, I didn't expect much from this plugin. I knew it would be great but with some of the dynamic equalizer plugins I own I thought this one would go largely unused due to the fact that it only has one band and others I own have 16 bands with dozens of filter options. I was very mistaken. In fact, since owning this I have come to realize that the majority of the time you only need one band. This is worth the price for its de-essing abilities alone which effortlessly beat out plugins designed to do nothing other than de-essing. This is my go-to dynamics processor outside of standard compression and now irreplaceable in my mastering chain as a problem solver. Brainworx is truly amazing and is a company you truly cannot go wrong with.
  • gov. approved

    by John Kerry
    o my gaaaad. yas. slay
    this plugin gets to the point and kicks butt inside out
    it fulfills my desires
  • bx_dynEQ V2

    by Frank
    The Bx_dynEQ V2 Is a really Fun Easy to use but very useful Powerful Plug in . I love what it does for Vocal's. Cannot wait to use it for other Instrument's/Track's. Thank's P.A.!
  • bx_dynEQ V2

    For a long time I dreamed of buying this plugin!
  • bx_dynEQ V2

    by J4
    This plugin is has been a lifesafer for my mixes. It's my first time using a dynamic eq so I can't comment on how it stacks against others. I will say that it's a very welcome addition. From removing low end rumble or unpleasant high mids, to dessing vocals, it works like a charm. Great work!
  • Cool for Mastering

    by Bert Olke
    I've been using the dynEQ V2 since some weeks and I don't want to go without this allrounder tool. Ideally suited to compensate for weaknesses in the mix. 5 Stars
    GL Audio Mastering Berlin
  • great!

    by yuta
    It's amazing!!!!!
    I,,,,love it
  • BX_dynEQ v2

    by mike
    Its a amazing product I use it on each and every one of my tracks in each song. but I found myself looking for a nosie gate added with the plugin, it just felt like it would be more complete for my to use on my tracks. But thanks again pluginalliance I pretty much only use plugin alliance products and I'm looking a good master buss gluing compressor like the waves SSL buss compressor.
  • bx_dynEQ V2

    by Eric B
    The bx_DynEQ V2 is a greatly engineered and versatile tool. Fast, clean, precise, it controls the desired frequencies without messing up the tone. Being able to completely shape the key signal makes this one of the most effective and non-destructive means of controlling plosives, sibilance and unwanted resonant peaks. It can be a bit of work to set up, but once you're dialed in, I don't think it can be beat. Though I have yet to try bx_DynEQ V2 in a mastering application, I expect it to perform wonderfully, given the fine tuning options, with the pure sound of the filters and signal path. Five stars.
  • Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2

    by Bozetto
    I belive the Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2 is the most universally applied soundtool i'm using at the moment.
    The "active" band control is exactly what's required in most cases, since its never a whole frequency area that needs attention, but the spikes in the mix that want fixing!
    While i could mend these problems by automating a regular EQ, it never sounds musical or precise enough, besides, the dynEQ does it faster!
    Thumbs up all the way, highly recomended!