Customer Reviews

  • Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2

    by Vivien Schmitt
    I would write the same thing for every plugin from Plugin Alliance: Depending on what you want to do, thanks to Plugin Alliance you have a very good set of equipment for every project, which is indispensable in music production.
    A very good thing I find the possibility, before you make a purchase, to download the plugin and test for free 14 days long.
  • BX DynEQ V2

    by MrB
    Such a great and precise Eq,must have in excellent PA arsenal tools for music production,workflow and editing.
  • BX dynEQ V2

    by Aliaksei Patapeika
    Absolutely brilliant plugin. It's really magic what only one band can do! This plugin makes it like no other plugins. Highly recommended! Must have!
  • BX_DynEQV2 great plug

    by Jesus Tossas
    As a mastering engineer, Being creative or perform moves that are clean is key. With this tool I was able to quickly dial my deeser and with very little effort it just does the job. I trust PA with multiple of their products.
    The interface is not complicated.
    I was using waves deeser jsut because it is what I had at the moment, but this is my new deeser.
    When it comes to dynamic EQ, I love not to have a "color" and this is what I get this unit!
    And that is just one function of all the ones the unit have.
    Thanks Plugin Alliance for your good reliable software and customer attention!
  • bx_dynEQ V2

    by KELO
    The most precise dynamic eq on the market for surgical manipulation of your audio!
  • bx dynEQ V2

    by Tommy
    it is a great EQ for any genre .
    I am a natural convolution based player , so EQ is great tools to make it even perfect.
  • dyn eq 2

    by Eric
    My favorite desser. Also one of the most versatile plugin out there.
  • EQ V2

    by Mario
    excellent BX quality and sound. BX is my top shelf plugins along with UA. Just look at all the Pro's that use them. !
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • problem solver

    by oekoumene
    This eq can solve problems in a musical way that standard eq /compression at times wont. Using the different filter types affects how it reacts to transients in the material in a most musical way.. You can be as heavy handed or as delicate as you want.
  • Almost Perfect For Anything

    by BassTony
    This plugin is almost perfect for anything. I'm using it for almost anything: on the vocals, on the bass, doing some cool LPF triggering on the toms etc. The only issue I'm having with this plugin is that it sometimes causes cpu spikes (effectively clicks and pops) on my MainStage setup that I've been fine-tuning to make my bass sound perfect on gigs. I hope the guys at Brainworx get this also fixed so I could use this plugin live, too!