Customer Reviews

  • good!

    by good!
  • Simple and effective

    by Kirill Afonin
    Great mastering tool for musician/producer! The interface is intuitive and easy to get started right away. I love the analog workflow and analog character it gives to your mix. And while I was sceptical about DR meter (instead of standard LUFS) it's actually very informative and allows you to achieve good results in terms of commercial loudness levels. Great job, keep up the good stuff!
  • Marvelous Plugin

    by Random Dirt
    I absolutely love this one. Always in my Master Bus. Try it and you will buy it.
  • Must Have!

    by DJ Linus
    This is the best Plug In i ever came across!
    Master your mix in 5 minutes - or go back an adjust your mixdown!
    Unbelievable great sounding product!
    Must have!
  • Masterdesk FTW

    by BK
    While the name is more so a catch-phrase, this thing really shines by simplifying a tedious a process. It also lends to those needing a quick bounce for playback and critical listening. In addition, it can also pass itself off as being a poor mans mastering solution.
    I have found this to be more of an exceptional compressor with transparent gain ability, mono maker, and stereo adjustment. The meter was great for all experience levels. Just make sure you’re in the green and turn it up. I use this as my final plug on every mix to get it to the pre-mastered stage. Definitely a must-have for all.
  • Rockrack V3

    by MrB
    Great amp simulations, for mostly any kind of modern guitar sound, from crystal clean to heavy lead sound.
  • Bx_Masterdesk

    by leslingle
    This is my new "Master Buss" I now never mix without it. It does a amazing job of making your mixes sound nice and big while keeping you operating at the correct levels for today's standards.
  • Great Tool

    by Steve
    I'm not even close to a mastering professional however I write and produce and I like to have some control which this provides. I don't want to feel overwhelmed which I was not. I actually had a great offer for ozone 8 which after discounts were the same as the price for Master Desk and I was able to try them both together.
    Ozone 8 has its uses but I found myself in a spot where I had to quickly master 3 tracks to get to an A&R and they were relatively mixed well. Master Desk added the shine and really sounded good so off they went. The rest is history, tracks made it through.
    Simple, effective, not confusing at all and the sound is very close to an analog master. It may not be the end of ME's but it is a great tool for indie demos that have to sound just that much better.
    10/10 Stars
  • excellent for "mastering while mixing"

    by stringtheory
    as others have noted, this plugin is terrific for using while mixing, to get an idea of how your mixing choices may affect a mastered product. i haven't had a chance yet to actually master with it, but it is helping speed up my workflow considerably, and making my clients very happy with the working mixes i'm sending them, much better than just slappin gon a limiter.
  • BX Masterdesk is AMAZING!

    by AdamP
    I think this is a great sounding, simple to use plugin for finishing your mix and making it "master ready". It's so very intuitive and whatever is going on under the hood of this plugin is pretty special, the sound comes out sounding, clean, professional, balanced and radio ready and all this can be achieved very, very quickly... Great for a home studio indie artist like myself, I LOVE it!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you! Dirk.