Customer Reviews

  • If you need it...

    by Paul Misty
    I don't know if there are any alternatives. I used it only once. But it was the only way I could deal with the problem. For that you need it.
  • Depth

    by Go Season
    Awesome depth creation. I put this on a background vocal bus and with some tweaking and a/b’ing it had to stay. It made a glued two track retain its glue while creating depth. Will most likely end up in every mix.
  • I love it

    by SawSine
    Very special EQ.
    Its amazing
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you for your great feedback!
  • Surprizing & Polyvalent

    by Elliott S.
    Not sure why i waited so long to try bx_panEQ (it's been a while now, took even more time to write a review).
    It's an amazing tool that should not be underestimed.
    It allows either to subtly open the sides a specific frequencies with detailed adjustment possibilities. As to totally "explode" a sound and create a original version of it that might be really to cool to blend in parallel with the original in a mix.
    Try it yourself !
  • 革命性工具

    by Roger Hsu
  • Precision

    by Fear of Fish Studios
    Great for isolating location and frequency of everything in your mix. Helps quite a lot for finding harsh frequencies in M/S processing.
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Absolutely brilliant tool!

    by CG
    The first time I used this was to EQ an acoustic guitar. Sounds easy, but the guitar in question had already been mixed down to a stereo stem with another guitar (the two guitars were panned, but not hard panned, and both of them had stereo delays on them).
    Instead of wasting time hunting down the original files and trying to recreate the effects (the delays were done with plugins I no longer have), I was able to fix the problem in minutes with bx_panEQ. The result sounds completely natural, and just the way I wanted it to sound.
    Thanks for saving me (possibly a great deal of) time without any compromise in sound quality! I’m sure this one will come in handy again and again. Another great addition to my box of tricks.
  • bx_panEQ

    by baldman
    Put this on your drumbus, play around with the settings and it will make you smile right away ! Guaranteed !!
  • Pan EQ

    by Sivaramakrishnan
    Mind blowing! I tend to use this on almost everything!