Customer Reviews

  • Unique

    by Control Freak
    This is a plugin I wanted for a very long time. Honestly, this isn't the kind of plugin you will end up using on every mix. Far from it honestly. This is the kind of plugin you will rarely if ever truly need. However, when that tome comes that you need it it is absolutely irreplaceable. There may be other plugins out there that do similar things but none of them are a match for this and none have the quality and functionality that this has. My advice, find it on sale and grab it. It may be something that you can live without but it is also something that you do not what to end up needing and not have. It truly fills a hole in audio processing that is not easily filled. Another great processor from brainworx!
  • Pan eq

    by Josa
    This is an amazing plugins
  • bx Pan EQ

    by ToK
    Now this is one cool processor and unlike anything I've used before in either soft or hardware. Essentially creating a three band crossover split of the spectrum then allowing the panning of these bands as they sound. Excellent for creating movement in mono synths but I've also been experimenting with using it as an effects return on mono backing vocals to create some unique spectral-image effects, then sending that signal into differing delays. I am sure there are more uses for this than I've yet to discover. There's nothing else that does what this Pan EQ can do, which in my opinion makes it an essential tool in one's arsenal.
  • BX-Pan EQ

    by audioangel
    Another great plugin. Unique must have mastering plugin. I love it
  • Awesome tool!

    by MCCdusk
    I could solve a nasty problem in a drum stem within minutes. Awesome tool!
  • bx_panEQ

    by PH
    + Very good and very usable plugin. It can achieve very remarkable results. Usable for individual stereo tracks, subgroups and final mix / mastering.
    - A little expensive, at normal price ... but it has tremendous potential
    Great job Brainworx!
  • bx pan EQ

    by Btrax
    Absolutely unique plug-in. You can work on any Stereo file and influence frequencies separately. Great for sound Designers. I like it very much! You can't get a similar plug-in from anyone else as far as I know. I love it!!
  • Pan EQ

    by Kam Denny (Denzal Park, Modern Citizens, HiFi Charlie, Vandalism)
    Have been using this product non-stop since i got it!
    Is a quick, powerful and effective tool. Brilliant for getting song elements into a specific space within the stereo field, just like you hear it in your head! Great Work
  • review

    by Boz
    You won't find any other plugin that does what this panEq does. Adds that extra sparkle and finish to your masters that you couldn't have even imagined
  • Pan Away

    by JH Studio
    This is a unique plugin that can surgically address places in a finished track that you never thought possible. It also doubles as a cool effect via automation, making it the Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde of plugins. Hats off to Brainworx!