Customer Reviews


    by Musician B.
    Amazing tool for mastering and mixing ! Love it!!! Thanks Brainworx!!!
  • panEQ is amazing

    by midmodman
    Holy Smokes! Slap this on a mix buss and try one of the master presets. Amazing. More clarity on low freqs, widen stereo field and - without changing db - louder. Pays for itself in an instant. On sale with a coupon? Like winning the lottery.
    I can tell this is going to become one of my most useful tools. Very happy.
  • bx_panEQ

    by Bob M
    A revolutionary plugin by Brainworx. There are other stereo wideneing plugins out there but, they will effect the whole frequency spectrum. This plugin was designed to only effect individual frequencies to move around the stereo field. Brilliant! And only from Brainworx!
  • For serious mastering engineers

    by AreG
    Call on the bx_panEQ when nothing else works in your mastering process. Or maybe you need a FX tool during mixing. No mastering toolbox is complete without the bx_panEQ !
  • bx_panEQ

    by J
    This does what it says on the tin
    It's a quick and brilliant approach to solving some common and otherwise quite time consuming problems
    A great product with streamlining work flow in mind
  • The bx_panEQ

    by Rashrule
    I usually use the bx_panEQ on my drum buss and I just love the depth and width it gives those drums! It's a great plugin that has many uses in my mix, so I work this baby!!
  • Everything you didn't realise you needed

    by MixedbyMe
    This is a one of a kind, nothing does this job of focusing into a specific area of even a final mix and adjust those problem frequencies, try it you owe it to yourself to know the power of this plugin
  • Make Mono Sound Stereo

    by Zack
    Cool one to make mono sound stereo, Especially synth can be more imagination for it's stereo image.Nice!
  • mmmm

    by alankara
    Nice tool but I have it for a year now and never used it.
  • Innovative visualisation

    by Alex Hepting
    This plugin could be used to visualize the stereo field of audio without really using the parameters. It doesn't only prevents phase cancelation during mixing but also makes bigger kicks which can sit well in the mix.
    Re-edit: You got really to play with this one for finding the best position of audio in the stereo field or working with a 2-track for complementary channel, just forget the presets and use on your own to get the best results , by the way the presets sound amazing too and give you an idea as you strip down the parameters to find new never heard characteristics. Automation works fantastic for pads and special surround effects and for giving an almost organic and living shape to your set.