Customer Reviews

  • great

    by sthl
    many times tried to solve this but never succeeded completely. always heard the difference between mono and stereo but now it is perfect and only with one simple plugin. thank you digital technology and for the developers of course :)
  • mono to stEREO

    by Jeremy Graham
    This plugin was literally a life saver, bringing back two tracks from the dead! At the last minute I tried the bx_stereomaker on a couple of tracks where mono drum breaks were an issue, causing a lack of space and width in the mix. Previous attempts with stereo wideners and eq just couldn't fix the problem, and actually made things worse in the top end. Not the case once I started to apply the bx_stereomaker; being able to mono low freq's and dial in the tonal shaping solved 98% of the problem, bringing new life to my drum tracks and ultimately saving the mix.
  • Producer

    by Wangjian
    I like this plugin
  • Fantastic, Useful Plugin

    by m2
    I love plugins like StereoMaker that solve problems with almost no effort! It sounds fantastic, as is almost impossible to abuse. My favorite features include absolute mono compatibility, adjustable mono protection built in for bass and kick, and a sweet tilt mode that allows you to adjust the stereo placement without messing with the things that need to stay centered. Great job.
  • Bx Steriomaker

    by kenn
    I didn't like this plugin at all, it made everything sound synthetic
  • bx_stereomaker

    by Branislav Klukovic
    I got this tool with one of my coupons, which was formerly planned for the compressor deal last month. But now, after mixing with stereomaker, I am glad I´ve spent the gift from PA (THANKS PA!!!! Love ya guys!
  • Easy and good sounding

    by Roberto R.
    I found the perfect tool to make mono analog synth bass to fit with elegance in complex stereo mixes:
    give a 30-50% stereo-expansion, pan your bass a little bit while keeping the lowest frequency in mono, adjust the tone and you'll immediately get a more interesting stereo image within the whole mix
  • Brainworx BX_Stereomaker

    by Engineer
    This is one of mine many plugin from Plugin Alliance, truly difference they make for those who understand. This Brainworx BX_Stereomaker is a home, along with knowledgeable customer care. Thanks Plugin Alliance for true effort
  • Brilliant!

    by beegee
    Love this plugin, I record a lot of mono tracks - this fx saves heaps of time and gives great results - love it
  • Steriomaker

    by Ptah69
    Mono Compatible and does exactly what it says. It helps making anything stereo! One of my more used plugins