Customer Reviews

  • Stereo Maker

    by Makka
    This is very clever . And very accurate . I use it mainly on mono guitars and drum loops to help find a space in the mix . A very helpful tool . I own several Brainworx products and there all good.
  • bx_stereomaker

    by djayart
    Very nice plugin, i use it mainly on mono clean guitar.
  • Space Maker

    by Headstack
    The bx_stereomaker is a recently new addition to my plugin pool, yet has proven it can do more than I had hoped.The original plan was splitting mono d.i. bass a few degrees L&R to male a hole for the kick (works great for this), and widening acoustic Gt, synth pads, Bvx, and so on without having to set up auxes to set up a bunch of HAAS delays when doing quick mixes.What turns out to be particularly unique is how the "Tone" control can get the clip to jump out of the mix, or lay back if you like, and there is also a "Monomaker" control as well.This allows you to select a frequency where all information at or below will be collapsed to mono which is a great way to keep low frequency elements tight and centered.So far, I hear no shortcommings and ergonomically, the stereomaker is a breeze to use!Thank you