Customer Reviews

  • bx_stereomaker

    by Rob Fischer
    There are many good mono to Stereo Plugins out there, but nothing feels like bx_stereomaker, because you can really make a mono source come to populate the stereofield in a unique & lively way, and stay in phase! Use it a ton!
  • Depth and dimension

    by Black Frost
    VERY interesting tool for almost any meldodic element like guitar, synth, even vocals, if you use it wisely and not overdo it. I am just a recording hobby musician, no pro, but, man, this thing is powerful and adds dimension and depth, a very special thickness, something I cannot think of how to achieve another way. Maybe a pro can, but on the other hand, witch this little army knife it is just a few clicks with tremendous effect. Recommended!
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  • BX Stereomaker

    by Nico
    It is briljant. It changes a mono signal to a full, living stereo sound.
    You will absolutely purchase this plug-in after 30 seconds of demoing. Great results can be achieved with only a few mouse clicks.
    Old fashioned, boring mono samples are over now.
  • Interesting placement

    by DMGJ
    Excellent for synths and sample based instruments which are sometimes difficult to place in a mix. Very easy to use and very easy to hear the magic it does!
  • Use it carefully!

    by Toscano
    Another great kind of M/S stereo field manipulation processor, much in the vein of the ShredSpread.
    Can make most mono material sound immediately more interesting.
    Just use it sparingly so you don't get into trouble.
    A word of advice: when you think you got it just right, pull it down a notch or two. You'll thank me later...
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    We approve your advice for sure!
  • bx_stereomaker

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    Trying to get a little more depth into recordings of a newsreader, this plugin saved the day. It made everything fit perfectly together after 20 seconds of adjusting. You only know that you needed it, when you try it.
  • Stereo Maker

    by Alleycat
    A cool little plugin.
    You're always told to learn your stock plugins before buying new. Well, I doubt if your stock can allow you where in the spectrum the stereo spread starts. It's nice to have lush pads, with a wide stereo spread, and not have to worry about phase issues in the bass.
  • bx stereomaker

    by PH
    Very naturally sounding plugin. Great for guitars and synth (for vocals as well). One of the best plug for "mono to stereo job".
    I use it in almost every mix. Good work.
  • bx_stereomaker

    by timirjan@yandex
    Long ago I wanted to buy this program expansion! Very good in work!
  • stereo maker

    by Phoking Norman
    It will be on every lead vocal I mix from here on out!!! Thank BX