Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Alex
    Great tone!
  • Townhouse Bus Compressor

    by Pekka
    In short, i compared to similar and i gave up. This one wins, it sounds just right, it has that something soundwise that i like.
    Thanks guys :)
  • Great for parallel compression

    by Shawn
    I slam this hard on a parallel drum bus for crushing them and adding extra boom.
    At lower settings, it adds some nice colour to bass parts as well.
  • Almost perfect

    by Whtrz
    A really good little comp, much like the Waves SSL but more pronounced - which is no surprise really. Only main gripe is the size of the interface - the knobs are really fiddly and for some reason I can't enter the values in manually.
  • Drum Buss saver

    by Martin von Bargen
    I was looking for something that would make my metal drum buss cut through some very thick and grindy HM-2 guitars. Taking a risk, I went away from my usual 08/15 buss compressor and dialed in a fairly conservative drum buss setting. The drums now cut with surgical precision and I'm looking forward to experimenting with some parallel compression too.
  • Need more punch !?

    by Ilker S.
    I have so many compressors, I thought I did not need any more, but when I tested it, I fell in love immediately. has its own beautiful character. I got it in the offer and do not regret the purchase. Thanks PA
  • Sweet

    by I. VileT
    Quite a different flavor of SSL style bus compressor as compared to Waves, The Glue, Overloud etc. Very colorful and tasty. EXTREMELY analog sounding and usually not subtle at all, although it can go to more subtle places with the mix knob employed. I enjoyed learning about the hardware's history too.
    Like a lot of the other reviewers, I also combine it with the amazing bx SSL E and G channels and the results are just astounding to me.
    I've had all this working for a couple of months now. After 20+ years of mixing I can honestly say the bx plugins have absolutely transformed my mixes for the better. I read that in a lot of reviews before going in but figured it was just a bit of talk - but it's become truth for me as well. Thanks Brainworx!
  • Wow

    by Matt
    Been using The Glue religiously, on every mix. Until now. I have a lot of bus comps but this one is magic and in a different league. Instant results. Love it.
  • Extreamly clean comp!

    by cabanasbeats
    As soon as I bought this I swapped out my UAD SSL G bus comp for the bx_townhouse on both vocal bus & drum buses & it gave it a more open wider & punchier sound. This is a great compressor!
  • Perfect

    Thanks For This Plugin.. I LOVE IT :)