Customer Reviews

  • My new favorite Buss Compressor

    by Frank P.
    This one is much better than any SSL Buss Compressor plug in I ever tried. And I tried and own a lot of them.
  • A sweet ride

    by MKSuccess
    I'm riding this buss all the way to town and the music sounds reeeeeal goooooooooooood!
  • My Favorite SSL style comp

    by Bob Gassert
    The Duende SSL Comp was my favorite until the Townhouse came out . This is my go to SSL Type compressor now
  • Townhouse Buss Compressor

    by rbr
    There are a few cases when you strap a dynamics processor across your 2 mix, turn a few knobs and just smile. The Townhouse Buss Compressor is one of those. Did the kick and bass just become one? Was the jump from the verse to the chorus made to have even more impact without resorting to layers upon layers of automation? How is the voice even more intelligible without adding midrange grit? Yes, those are the kinds of questions you will ask yourself, until you start to mix into it, and then you'll begin to understand what is happening, on a purely intuitive and musical level. Plugins used to remove uncertainty for the sake of control; this one flips it and asks you to trust your instincts. Once you were punished for punishing the system; now you are rewarded for your malice.
  • This is essential kit

    by Mark 'Ruff' Ryder
    OK I tested this with the latest version of the UAD SSL buss compressor
    as it has the same innards (almost in the hardware) but This town house version is so much more in your face and pleasing around the mids its got all the SSL but they have just frankentined it for more uses than a buss compressor, It really is great to use. Makes the whole mix sound finished or just a track more full and there! Its like the town house SSL is the crunchy peanut butter vs the regular SSL smooth peanut butter. Both are excellent but I really like the instant gratification this give you. It makes my mixing much easier as it just works, Totally a sound investment which I go to before the normal SSL version.
  • bx_townhouse Buss Compressor

    by timirjan@yandex
    On master the tire have surprised. So many years I looked for this sound. Thanks!
  • Fantastic

    by Bx console SSL 400 G
    After I mix my tracks I use the compressor to finalize the mix it gives my music beautiful punch check it out
  • magic Buss!!

    by rick drumss
    i´m really surprised with this one. i´m using it in all my busses and my master buss. it already has became one of my favourites buss comp that i have. thank you brainworx for this "beauty". congratulations!!
  • Your new buss option

    by Juanjo Salazar
    I was a surprised when comparing with classic bus compressors, townhouse has a different set of harmonic coloration, a great warm and pleasant one.
  • fucking amazing

    by seb
    Yes it is. Really.
    All that was said before this review was true.
    And probably all that coming after was too.
    Big happy face when I try it on some mix, powerfull, effective, easy to use and to find with it what I need for my mix.
    Award of the plugin of the year :-)