Customer Reviews

  • Townhouse

    by Mange
    I have searched for the best buss compressor that fits me and my needs a long time and have demoed several SSL style ones.
    This is the compressor that I had to have. It is so cool. Perfect!
  • Townhouse

    by Alfredo
    what an analoge flavor have this compressor. Is incredible for instruments, and even on a master session. Rock, and rock, screaming rouge sound, really impressive plugin
  • Great addition to my Arsenal...

    by Samy
    Just LOVE it! It is all over my mix buses. I like what it does... Great work PA.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Happy mixing!
  • Navy tech

    by Alex Hepting
    Like already announced by the creators this baby is a good addition to add more glue and grind to all brittle consoles. Hey man on this one the designer had his fun drawing more bolts than ever been drawn into on left and right. We like bolts, yes we got you! The ratio seems a bit reduced but looking at it mathematically these are the ratios you ever need by human perception Yes this is very much an implication of 2:1 bus compression or just going a tighter with 10:1. It sounds amazing and fresh and that navy color gives it a deep, relaxing look. Where not only the sound matters but inspiration. Giving this products a fair 4 stars because I have liked a more compact ui without the neccesity of using up more space. It feels like a piece of art where designers took the real thing and just left it that way it is even with the sacrifice of workflow a little.
  • A real beast

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    Try it once on the Drum Bass and you will buy it instantly, really great compressor!
  • No.1 G-Comp Plug in

    Amazing !
  • Great

    by Alex
    Great tone!
  • Townhouse Bus Compressor

    by Pekka
    In short, i compared to similar and i gave up. This one wins, it sounds just right, it has that something soundwise that i like.
    Thanks guys :)
  • Great for parallel compression

    by Shawn
    I slam this hard on a parallel drum bus for crushing them and adding extra boom.
    At lower settings, it adds some nice colour to bass parts as well.
  • Almost perfect

    by Whtrz
    A really good little comp, much like the Waves SSL but more pronounced - which is no surprise really. Only main gripe is the size of the interface - the knobs are really fiddly and for some reason I can't enter the values in manually.