Customer Reviews

  • Excellent!

    by Withajay
    Love this compressor! I use this often on tracks and also the master.
  • k

    by aj
  • bx_townhouse compressor

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    The only emulation of the only hardware gear ever built !
    It's not you usual G-Bus compressor plug-in, it has an unbelievable sound and is full of character.
  • My favorite Bus comp

    by Kritsanaphon
    super Glue.... Grate for Mix Buss
  • Nice bus comp alternative

    by Gerard
    I have many SSL G Bus style compressors, this one has become one of my favorites. Slightly different from others, you can get some vintage warm character, it has punch and a little bump on the mid-lows. Really like it!
  • wow!

    by spbmac
    Very quickly dial in life on the master buss. Glues the whole mix together with a nice warm sizzle. When using, don't forget to try the headroom and SC filter dials to experiment with what it can do.
    Love it!
  • Great for

    by Herbiarz
    Great Bus compressor for punchy kick. I like to use it on instruments just for color. Perfect for drum bus
  • Best SSL Comp Out there

    by Dee
  • Townhouse Compressor

    by ZH
    I love this comp!
    I got it mostly on a whim, but since then I have had it on my 2buss for almost every mix. It has a way of adding a cohesion to the track that’s really nice, and it seems to come from the saturation and the compression together. This isn’t the cleanest or most transparent compressor, but the color adds to the uniqueness of it and to its gluing capabilities. Highly recommended!!
  • Stunning Compressor

    I've had this Compressor for a couple of months now and it's a wonderful plugin. Like most you go through a number of processing both Hardware & Software looking for tools to help with a natural "Feel" to the music. I primarily use this compressor on the Master Bus as an overall along with a limiter to tame the level.
    I do a lot of production "In the Box" amazing plugin, sounds great!