Customer Reviews

  • The best buss compressor plugin

    by lassi
    I own licenses to PSP, Waves, SSL Native and Reason Master Bus plugins - and none of them glue the sound the way Townhouse Buss Compressor does it. When you try to the different attack settings you can really feel the vibe completely change, but it's always musical - this plugin does not destroy your track unlike so so many other compressor plugins do. You try this one, you will never use another plugin on your mixbus.
  • Awesome

    by Nel
    A beefier sounding version of the classic SSL. Love it on drum bus and even master bus.
  • Unique sound in a classic format

    by bvh
    This compressor has a lot of mojo and sounds great.
    It also excels in its job, acting as a bus compressor.
    The knobs are few, mostly stepped and true to the classic gear, making it easy and quick to get good results with. You don't need a lot of in depth options as it already sounds so good.
    The mix knob is a great addition.
  • Best In-Class Buss Comp emulation

    by Heyes
    It is simple.
    It is effective.
    It sounds pristine.
    It will sit on your 2bus forever.
    This thing is a gem.
    And believe you me : I tried a ton of 'em SSL style Bus Comps.
    This one is just purely perfection.
  • Simple & effective

    by Genius D
    The bx_townhouse compressor is incredible.
    Put it on your master bus and the whole track feels like it straight away popped out of a professional mastering studio.
    I am still a fan of car testing, just before I leave my studio just one last export: smack the Townhouse on the master, check the levels and it is already done for 50%.
    Great plugin
  • The Best

    by Martín
    Transients get unified and managed so easily with this unit.
  • Nice character

    by janomix
    Nice character
  • Great buss compressor.

    by rift81
    Got it for a few days. I was looking for a glue compressor and found it there! :-) It is not as slamming as SSL G buss compressor, but adds great body and character. Great master buss, drum buss compressor. Works great for bass buss too.
  • Very great buss comp

    by printdrum
    It’s can glue all my drum buss together and tight drum sounding
  • SSL style bus compression

    by Paul Misty
    Only with a bit more mojo. It's perfect for the mix bus. But also for vocals. Just a nice VCA compressor with a little bit mojo.