Customer Reviews

  • Townhouse Compressor

    by Mats
    This is by far the best Bus compressor out there, glues everything together very nicely! Well done!
  • bx_townhouse

    by Angee
    fair sounding compressor. doesnt sound liek compressing. it sounds like adjusting the volumes on thos spikes. very transparent.
  • Needed it!

    by CaptinPR
    I have been wanting a compressor with this tone like this for my rock mixes. Already making a difference.
  • townhouse comp

    by Duff
    Hi guys ! Ok i'm always using bus compression on the master bus
    and was happy with what i was using , then i saw an add for the townhouse comp . I then decided to try on the same mix , every bus compressor that i had to see if there was a difference . As soon as i put the townhouse bus compressor i could hear the difference ! all the other ones we're slightly reducing the stereo image and we're making my mix kinda thin and mid range-e , not the townhouse ! The stereo image remains intact and it's very transparent ! i love the way it sounds ! It definitely help my mixes ! Thanks PLUGIN ALLIANCE !
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • good stuff

    by Ricardo Wheelock
    This has become my go to mix bus compressor since the moment I tried id. It has more character than the average SSL type compressor, but at the same time the action feels just right. This is really good plugin, trust me, I don't talk like this on a regular basis....
    Plugin Alliance response
    We trust you! :-)Thanks.
  • Thick and beautiful!

    by miura
    PROS :
    The sound is great. What a smooth fade!
    You can get a musical thickness.
    Additional controls (V-gain, SC filter, etc.) is so nice for any situations.
    CONS :
    GUI is just little small. But it doesn't matter well.
    You should buy it to thicken up your buss.
  • GOOD

    by Very Good
    This plug-in is very good.
    Check this sound >
  • Very Unique

    by dissentUK
    Very unique comp! you can really smash this one and the bass and transients are retained in a much more pleasing way than other SSL emulations.
    Not great if you want transparent mix bus compression but AMAZING for crushing drums and when you just need some old school vibe on the mix bus
  • TownHouse

    by Robert LB Dorsey
    I like it very much! Headroom and V-Gain controls are very important to play with to truly get this thing going.
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    What is missing for a 5 star review?Thanks.
  • Repeat after me

    by Jay Flay
    This sh*t is bananas.
    This thing is a mojo cannon. Point it and fire. Does horrifically sexy things to audio. Your drum bus will never be the same. Vibe for days, makes your mixbus sing. SING.
    The amount of controls is inversely proportional to how good this sounds. Buy it now and put it on everything you do. Thank me later.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Right on!