Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic

    by Bx console SSL 400 G
    After I mix my tracks I use the compressor to finalize the mix it gives my music beautiful punch check it out
  • magic Buss!!

    by rick drumss
    i´m really surprised with this one. i´m using it in all my busses and my master buss. it already has became one of my favourites buss comp that i have. thank you brainworx for this "beauty". congratulations!!
  • Your new buss option

    by Juanjo Salazar
    I was a surprised when comparing with classic bus compressors, townhouse has a different set of harmonic coloration, a great warm and pleasant one.
  • fucking amazing

    by seb
    Yes it is. Really.
    All that was said before this review was true.
    And probably all that coming after was too.
    Big happy face when I try it on some mix, powerfull, effective, easy to use and to find with it what I need for my mix.
    Award of the plugin of the year :-)
  • bx townhouse bus compressor

    by Bishop
    Played with it for 20 minutes and knew I had to have it
  • Bus Comp

    by JH Studio
    Everybody asked for this compressor and Brainworx delivered not just another SSL Bus Comp, but a unique.. one of a kind legend. Great work!!!!
  • The Who? The Magic Buss!

    by Finck von Finckenstein
    As we all know, a good compressor can make the difference between a mix that is okay and a mix that is perfect. I threw the bx_townhouse compressor at a few tracks and smiled. I used it on drums and library brass samples and it did its magic. The parallel compression feature is great to have on this one, as always. From subtle to pumpy, this comp does it all and more. And I love the autofade feature. It's not just a gimmick, it's really handy for creating organic fades. The shabby look of it is brilliant, keeps reminding you of the beauty of imperfection.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Awesome review, thanks a lot!
  • Townhouse Compressor

    by Perry
    Excellent compressor! great for Drum Overheads and many other stereo applications. Certainly gives me a nice compressor with a distinct sound
  • bx_townhouse bus comp

    by DC2Light
    Ok in the USA we call a buss a bus. Townhouse studio didn’t and I don’t care. They made a compressor that is very dear to my heart. Only the early SSL consoles/desks like I first used had the original gold VCAs in the master compressor section and it had less components as well. (these are all good things) The later G,J,K did not. That gold VCA does a VERY SPECIAL thing to the sound. Yes the newer SSL comps react in the same way they just don’t sound the same. They are cleaner, this ones more alternet reality but in a bigger way. This is the only plugin that reproduces the gold VCA SSL tone. You can hit it hard and it’s perfect. Just leave it on 4:1, 1, auto on your mix “bus” and smile.
    Is it perfect? No the knobs are too small so it looks like the original real one and also they call it a “buss” compressor. SMILE!
  • Fantastic Buss Comp

    by DJ Variant
    What a great Buss Compressor! Really clean but warm at the same time. Not to be missed!