Customer Reviews

  • AMAZING!!!

    by Withajay
    I use this for mastering on almost every track! At first I was a little leery of the strange names for the presets but after using this a while, I think they're great!
    A fantastic plugin once again! Thanks so much!!
  • Presets

    by DJ Ramen
    Love the compressor. It's a very subtle compressor. Would be great if it was resizable. btw I'm having a hard time trying to find out how to try some of the presets though. the manual won't help me. Can anyone pinpoint me? there seems to be no obvious option to change presets for me.
  • Alpha Comp

    by BridgeandMountain
    It's great but it needs to be resizeable. Any update soon? :)
  • Cut/Boost

    by Juan23
    Slap it on your mix bus and turn some knobs! Use them ears and sculpt away.
  • Really good Masterbus compressor

    by BeatBakker
    This is a really really great stereocompressor. Got this as it was recommended by a friend. He told me all my masters have that typical Izotope Ozone sound. Didn't know what he meant untill u put this baby on the masterchain.
    It smooth, a lot of clarity and (if you want to) coloring. M/S switch works wonders.
    After buying, I used it immediatly, and was really stunned by it's performance. One thing is clear; I'm not using the Ozone compressor anymore. Ever.
  • Great compressor plugin

    by Don Bastiano
    This is a great transparent mastering compressor plugin. It does a really nice transparent type of compression. Luckily the PA version of this plugin got an update last year to adress all the user requests. I'm happy with this plugin for sure.
  • Love This Thing

    by Headstack
    Great for icing the cake before adding the cherry.
    I often use this in front of a PSP Xenon.
    This is one to demo for sure...
    Before you find out you have to buy it!
  • Changed my sound forever

    by Saturn Voyager
    This tool has become my main compressor in the mastering chain, it always does a good job, even used for individual channels, this changed my sound forever. Just a thing, it needs a serious facewash, needs to be resizable, more beautiful looking and why not include the monomaker knob? that's key and a huge reason to buy PA plugins.
  • unusable

    by R1
    This compressor has a weird issue in feedback mode that introduces clicking sounds on the decay fades. The sidechain feature also introduces these problems. There's no way I would use this for mastering.
  • Alpha

    by The Pooh
    Yessss... this, is a nice compressor.
    One thing though... GUI needs to be resizable.
    It's way too small and tough to read the very fine print!
    Otherwise, very sweet compressor.