Customer Reviews

  • Lots of options

    by Hitplacemusic Studio
    Best compresor for sutil and musical tones ..if u wanna make little thinks and good impact put this in Mix buss
  • Alpha Compressor

    by Starfucher
    Never used the hardware. This plug in is an luxury swiss army knife. Yuo can compress, you can adjust the tone with niveau filter, you have a sofisticated sidechain filter, you can go parallel and you have a soft clip. The sound in clear, transparent. I use it every day on masterbuss when I work exclusively in the box, on the drum buss when i want acoustic sound like a jazz trio. I use it on violin, cello, vox. Great
  • irreplaceable part of my workflow

    by TommyV
    As for software compressors, this plugin has become an irreplaceable part of my workflow – with respect to submixes especially. I tried everything that's been released after this one, no one them, however, has even come close in terms of transparency and adaptability whatever they say. It works equally well on single tracks, submixes and master tracks. There's no music style it would fail to handle. It works on everything and it can as vintage as you want it to do and as modern and sterile as you need it to do. And if Plugin Alliance, for some reason, stops developing and upgrading this plugin, it's their utmost responsibility to release its source code to make it sure that no professional, who uses this plugin on the daily basis, does find oneself in a load of trouble just because the tool they've been able to rely on has suddenly stopped working on course of a major OS upgrade etc.
  • Believe the hype

    by Whtrz
    I don't fall for the usual "this plugin makes tracks sound finished" stuff, but bloody nora, this really is what the alpha does. In M/S mode this pulls and widens the track out, and it goes from "track I cobbled together at home and sounds a bit DIY" to "polished and professional". I'm not a compressor junkie but I am seriously impressed (and slightly in love).
  • How?!

    by Alex
    Use this allll the time.
  • Go-To Compressor

    by Nick F
    The 'mix' variation provided is fantastic on anything. This is the clean, transparent, versatile compressor I put on anything as a starting point on every project. The full mastering version on Busses is breathtaking - but in this 2-in-1 deal you get a LOT for your $. Best plugin i've ever bought.
  • Well worth it

    by Vnc B
    The elysia alpha compressor is sounding great on different purposes, from, of course, the master bus, to groups and even individual channels. I love the fact that you get the "mix" and the "master" version, for additional flexibility. The Soft Clip control is a great way to add grit to almost everything.
  • Brilliant

    by P-F
    One of the best ITB purchases ever.
    Thank You
  • The compressor I've been waiting for

    by SrC
    I can't even write anything, it's soooo good. You have FULL control over everything, ultra precise. Just get this Compressor and put it on everything...that's it!
  • The Polisher

    by Ein Stück
    It's a great time to step in the box. I've been monitoring this moment for 20 years and this plugin has certainly contributed to my decision. Pay close attention to the soft clipping....Amazing!!