Customer Reviews

  • Elysia Alpha Compressor

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    I am so happy to have bought this plugin. It is the best choice to make any kind of audiodata fit for listening. It doesn't matter if you want to master voice-recordings, any other instrument or entire tracks. It works like a charm AND it works intuitively. And thanks to all guys at plugin-alliance, it works on my quite old system as well!
  • More than a compressor

    by LouisC
    People talk about Compressors having character...i.e. some kind of distortion characteristic, well the Elysia Alpha has dedicated controls for the distortion component as well as being the cleanest of Mastering tools.... Throw in the M/S processing and what more could you wish for ?
  • That clipper though.

    by EJR
    Of course the compression is amazing but the clipper is without a doubt the best clipper in all of plugindom.
  • Desert Island Comp

    by GPiazza
    The Elysia Alpha Compressor does it all! From subtle smoothing to firm control, Alpha Compressor will fulfill almost all your compression needs (except perhaps an 'All Buttons Mode' sound). It is particularly good for Mastering and the Mix Bus.
    Clean but vibey, with two styles (FF & FB), L/R or Mid/Side control, optional Auto Attack and Auto Release, mix knobs for both channels, a highly flexible side-chain EQ, a 'Tilt EQ' in the audio path, a soft-clip limiter to catch errant peaks and a Warm button to add Transformer-like smoothing of the slew rate, the Alpha can handle most anything you throw at it, with grace & fidelity.
    If I had to pick one 'Desert Island' Comp, the Alpha would be my top choice.
    George Piazza - Fly Mastering / Tomb of the Mysteries / Tabula Rasa
  • It has Punch

    by Fabio
    Great piece of great to buy
  • Invisible

    by sleen
    The elysia alpha is just awesome when I need an invisible comp. It does the task just perfectly. As a mastering comp it gives you full m/s functionallity which is great and makes it super flexible. All dials make absolute sense. The Feed Forward option lets me choose between softer and more aggressive compression types, the warm feature is nice as well. The soft clipping is just killer. Have it since years and still love it!
  • alpha compressor

    by christer ohlin
    I use this and the elysia museq on every buss channel and it's has endless solutions for the sound but it just sounds very musical, like a great amp, quite paradise.
  • alpha compressor

    by Charles
    This is my go-to mastering compressor when I'm trying to glue a mix together. Been using it for a couple of weeks now and I haven't found anything that compares to it.
  • Alpha comp

    by Little Cloud
    This piece of kit is like a new ice cream you find and you think to yourself, "WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN AVAILABLE BEFORE, I LOVE THE TASTE!" The presets are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious..I am an engineer and a producer yes but in the 80s I worked as a bouncer at a place called the Manzil Room in Sydney Australia's Kings Cross district. It was 'the' music industry hang out. I met quite a few alpha characters there...Including Dolf Lungren from Rocky 4, who was a local bouncer, and dozens of rock gods.
    When you use the word Alpha you better live up to the name..Let me say that again… For effect...If you use the word alpha in the name of something it better live up to it in someway!
    Well.....after using this "alpha compressor" in a couple of dozen tracks, this gadget, this tool, this music utility or dynamics processor actually does that quite easily.
    CREATIVE is the word I would give it from my own experience so far, I've used it more on creative applications than anything else because it's such a good compressor full stop. I'm 58 years of age and I've spent quite a bit of money on gadgets in the past, things that produce a product always cost a bit more (or quite a bit more) than other things that are sold with the suggestion that they also do the job.
    My own life experience has sold me on "you get what you pay for" So at my age now my lower jaw often hangs down as I try to take in the juxtaposition of the quality I'm hearing coming out of something I've just paid well under $500 for?
    This compressor is of a new breed without a doubt! I watched your promotional videos Brainworx and I had the same reaction as I did from the word alpha when I first saw it in the product title. When I downloaded the 14 day trial and used it extensively on tracks of all kinds, rock, hard rock, dance, ambient, pop, funk and classical The word creative is absolutely the correct word!
    My goal is to now purchase other Elysia products simply because using the alpha compressor proved to me that it wasn't all just hype but real world on the ground mastery of musical moves, solutions to sonic stagnancy, fixes of frequency frenetics. Brain worx thanks for the price, thank you very much!
  • Real Master channel compressor

    by Alex Hepting
    my goto for master i like the parallel compression, the color and stereo image gain increase the alpha can produce. rarely use it on single channel but it isn't wrong and worth it to tame high peaks because faster changes are desired but also tiring.