Customer Reviews

  • My GO-TO BusComp

    by @ASHBYMIX - IG
    This is something I love to drop on my "vocal master" and/or "mix bus" in parallel mode... Its Magic ;)
  • Elysia

    by Kochease
    Very impressed by this compressor. I can see why this is a premium analog unit because the plug in version exactly replicated the analog unit. Will need a few videos to watch before u can be proficient with this unit. But practice makes perfect and plug in alliance by far have all the go to plug ins with the industry sound that’s superb!
  • Alpha comp

    by dissentUK
    There is no other compressor that I can get to sound as natural as the alpha compressor on complex sources and I have tried them all
    not only can it do super transparent with the help of the autofast settings but with feedforward mode you can really make drum tracks punch.
    Its cpu efficient enough to use as a track compressor to boot!
  • Alpha Compressor

    by Bishop
    I love this thing..whats crazy is if I want it to sound vintage I can make it sound vintage if I want it to sound hybrid or modern I can make it sound modern it covers a lot of musical ground for me and that's exactly what today's producer needs out of a plugin
  • Alpha compressor

    by JP
    Superb, absolutely awesome compressor. Used it to master a song I was doing and it just made it so much more beautiful. Has a distinctly modern color to it, and not difficult to use at all.
  • Mix and Master

    by alpaha compressor
    Very very good sweet sound
  • Alpha kompresor Elisia

    by Metodija
    For me one of the best compresors.
    I worked with many kompresors but
    That quality kould not reach. Magic..
  • Elysia Alpha Compressor

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    I am so happy to have bought this plugin. It is the best choice to make any kind of audiodata fit for listening. It doesn't matter if you want to master voice-recordings, any other instrument or entire tracks. It works like a charm AND it works intuitively. And thanks to all guys at plugin-alliance, it works on my quite old system as well!
  • More than a compressor

    by LouisC
    People talk about Compressors having character...i.e. some kind of distortion characteristic, well the Elysia Alpha has dedicated controls for the distortion component as well as being the cleanest of Mastering tools.... Throw in the M/S processing and what more could you wish for ?
  • That clipper though.

    by EJR
    Of course the compression is amazing but the clipper is without a doubt the best clipper in all of plugindom.