Customer Reviews

  • The perfect Saturator for Mastering

    by Saturn Voyager
    Are you tired of always using the sample tape plugin emulation on your master bus to give extra character to your sound? try this. I've been testing it and it's very versatile with a stunning sound taste.
  • Karacter review

    by Jaffasplaffa
    I have had this plug in for a while now and I really like it. I have many, many saturation plug ins and this is definitely one of the best ones.
    5 stars from here :)
  • So love this plugin!

    by Pitchpole
    I was *not* looking for another saturation plugin but I came across this and wow just blown away. Unlike most other saturation plugins it can really put some life in your track (i.e. color it) well before audible distortion occurs. But it can do distortion too if you want. Very smooth, reminds me of a 1073 preamp.
  • Too "sterile"? Try this one.

    by Alex Sate
    This is my go-to plugin when something lacks character. I guess, this is why elysia called it this way
  • Tingle or Blaster Works!

    by Kreature
    Excellent plug. So many ways to mess things up and they ALL sound good. Problem is deciding where to go with it. Too far? Yeah, it's still got karacter. Barely audible? Easily sensed with A/B and I've noticed that a chain also works with various settings, stacked on each other. Very cool. A tantalizing result. Easy to manipulate.
  • Elysia Karacter

    by LouisC
    ColouR$ CoLOUr$ COLOUR$. Lot's of manufacturers do preamp type distortion/drive/colour plugins, and do them really well.
    The Elysia's Tone control turns the distortion in the very early part of the range into superbly musical 'variable flavour' OP Amp$.
    It sits in the 'consider/try on every channel' league .... !!!
    $eriously good.
  • Kharacter excellent

    by MrB
    One more great saturation tool is not the only one what I have in my collection, but for sure will get good place in my workflow.
  • Karacter

    by Søren Bendixen
    Few knobs, good reaction, so I tend to dail my own setting before trying presets - like an old analog guitarpedal :-) . Sound is good, at lot of...well.. Karacter
  • Karacter

    by Konrad C
    So this thing is a pretty awesome tool to add "Karacter" to your busses or tracks.
    My friend has the Hardware unit and the plugin emulation is pretty darn close.
    Love how it can make instruments argressiley poke out of the mix or be tamed into a mellow back leaning sound.
    The MS matrix makes it versatile just like the hardware.
    I would like to add that I use tones of saturation and own Blackbox,VSM,Vitalizer as well as Manny other plugs and hardware pieces and this is definitely a welcomed addition.
  • Elysia Karacter

    by Peter
    Love having this unit in plugin form. Sounds incredible.