Customer Reviews

  • Phil's Cascade

    by rev
    Sounds how it looks. Color to the end of days. Thick fuzzy girthy undertones. This thing has Crispified Ballz. Super interesting. One of favorites.
  • The Scrapheap Chalenge

    by Alfred
    Huh? What is that for a title? Well, that's what I thought when I saw the parts of the cascade. I recognized most of them from my old school where I studied electronics and at these days this already were antique parts. But we had to learn them because new parts were based on the same principles (transistors and FETs). Si in a way it's no wonder this works. But the way it does it is miraculous and unique. Never before heard saturation come in to play now. To be honest, I bought the plugin because of its looks and it was on sale. I can recommend this one, it's unique and even when everyone buys this one you stil can make unique satured sounds!
  • Phil's Cascade is hot

    by Edgar C.
    I've been using this magic plugin for a while and I love it. It's something different to any other saturation plugin. This machine works absolutely perfect on the drum bus for me but you can almost use it on anything. Sounds get warm, clean and deep. One of my new favourites
  • Phils Cascade

    by 3gb0ntalented
    So a timeline, Step one, buy plugin, step two use plugin on demo project after breezing over manual, step four wait one year after purchase and time to start a new project. "I think i'm still missing a sound, I'll buy the culture vulture". Demos Culture Vulture, uses "pop vocal preset" on lead vocal , thinks "isn't this the sound I kinda got from uncle philamon (yes that's what I call it) Plus I don't have to deal with DSP and it's way smoother. After years of hobbyist/ semi pro production I can say this is the sauce, I've learned about harmonics and it upped my game to pro level and what this thing does when you know how to push it is insane. This is the last i'ma mention it. It's secret shhhhh.... lol
  • Why eq when you can color?

    by Numbfinger
    Just phenomenal. I get my tracks clear and clean as a bell…and my mix feels canned like sardines. I basically found presets that worked for a piano, vibes, bass trio with added percussion and the mix melted into fat and organic, with space for each instrument. The only other effect was first in the chain a third party transformer emulation. Eq only a bit to get the warmth my 32C… TMI I know. It’s exciting to know I can color with the intrinsic sound of extinct electronics. This is like Jurassic Park in my DAW. A masterpiece of a plug in.
  • It is almost hidden and kept secret for a good reason!

    by Alex Hepting
    Already the adjustable gain meter gives a new way and depth of control for gain staging with color. This fine gain adjustment already giving so much more depth versus a regular 12dB harmonic boost on a 0815 enhancer or aphex wall of sound.
  • Secret weapon!

    by Jesse Cook
    I can't give enough praise to this plugin. This is that tool you never knew you needed, you find deep in the toolbox, try it out for the first time and it's the number one gem you use for every project. The colour, thickness and beauty this gives to your vocals is unreal. Until you try this on your next recording, you're going to be mad you never had it to begin with.
  • Serious piece of kit

    by Dr. Spectra
    My goodness. I have a few saturator/distortion units but this one?! The variation in the textures that this unit can produce is simply staggering. There are 3 levels of boost from saturation to straight filth and then 4 separate controls which manipulate different aspects of the sound within each boost level. In addition to a central gain knob, there are also another 3 controls for level, mix and filter. Just tried it on my mixbus and this thing is an absolute beast! Go get some!
  • Fantastic straight out of the box

    by Kaviji
    I was hesitant to get this, I have other saturators and so many plugins, but due to my voucher and a great sale by PIA I jumped in and threw it on a dull sounding acoustic guitar loop I'm working with, launched a preset 'Acoustic Guitar Boost,' and BOOM! Effortless. Excellent sound, great GUI. Love it. Thanks guys, a gem.
  • Magic for the drum bus

    by Chadateit
    This thing is absolutely incredible on the drum bus. It is like magic fairy dust to make the drums sparkle through a mix, whether distorted rock or mellower jazzy sounds. I haven't even played with it for much else yet, and I'm in love.