Customer Reviews

  • It's not a hyperbole when I say Phil's Cascade is AMAZING!

    by JesusReigns
    The first time I tried Phil's Cascade when it became available, I almost shed tears of joy at such an analog sound. My hand was shaking on the mouse while I tried preset after preset. I was breathing funny and everything!
    Owning tube pre-amps and having recorded through them, I am very familiar with how tubes sound. This sounds like real tubes, guys! As simple as that! The nuanced, textured, unpredictable, fat and potentially crunchy sound is realistically produced with Phil's Cascade.
    If you own or have tried Black Box Analog Design's HG-2 and like it, which is also eye-wateringly fantastic, you need Phil's Cascade. You can use it everywhere. Even in tiny amounts, the cumulative effects make a difference in the final mix.
    This could be your personal secret weapon. It sounds and behaves like no other plugin I've ever used in my 18 years of computer music making.
    Do you think your in-the-box mixes sound sterile and thin? Phil's Cascade. Do your interface pre-amps sound cold and small? Phil's Cascade. Do you want to beef up your drum, synth or vocal recordings to make them sound intangibly and inexplicably unique? Phil's Cascade.
    This plugin is truly special! Plus, are we going to not get excited about how they first designed and built a one-off, hardware unit with exotic components just to base the digital, final version off it? THEY CREATED IT IN REAL LIFE FIRST.
    That's what happens when craziness, passion and resources come together to materialize something that can only be dreamed of, you know?
    That seriously makes me giddy! Even at the regular price of $249, you can't find this sound elsewhere. God bless! Peace!!!
  • Phils

    by Alfredo
    very analoge and real, is almost like a hardware, very usefull if you need give a natural response to a digital record
  • Amazing value!

    by Toscano
    From what I understood by the description, this plugin is a digital modelling from a unit that included so many esoteric components that it couldn't be marketed as a stand-alone hardware product.
    Whatever the marketing or history behind it, what you have here is a saturator-overdrive-distortion plugin that does it right!
    I've used it extensively to squash well-behaved drum loops; give some analog grit flavour to synth sounds, or even run a vocal doubled track through it to mix it up with the original as a condiment.
    Whatever your application, it's a very adaptable tool that you can make sound as dark and warm or as cool and in-your-face as you want.
    I've been using the FabFilter Saturn to achieve similar purposes. The Saturn has better control/routing modulation implementations, but this one (in my opinion, at least) has "the sound".
    Even purchased at full price this plugin is still a bargain!
    Highly recommended.
  • Tip Top

    by Ian Ossia
    Unusually warm and delightful tone shaper. Top rank.
  • One of my Favorite Plugins ATM!

    by The krusher
    This plugin sounds amazing and can be used to tonally shape sound in so many ways. Spend a day getting to know the controls and you really start to appreciate what this plug in can do. I use it on almost every track to add subtle or extreme character!
  • Best Saturation

    by D Lawrence
    There are many great saturation plugins out there. This one easily takes the cake. It sounds extremely 3 dimensional. My jaws drop every time I use it. I'm telling you. Don't deceive yourself into thinking this is some normal saturation plugin. Its not. I highly recommend it.
  • Hardware finally dies

    by SD
    This plug-in and HG-2 are actually just only two plug-ins on Earth that provide us real analog sound. Waves, UAD and others never did that.
  • in the matrix

    by n4m
    a monster!
  • Philadelphia Cascade

    by Shakes
    This plugin is a game changer in tone shaping and enabling you to freely heat up and cool down the massive array of sound choices.
  • Your new secret weapon

    by Jay Flay
    I'll admit, the folks who initially complained Phil's Cascade didn't sound like fairy dust (or too hard to dial in) initially turned me off.
    I'll be honest - I'm glad they hate it, because this thing is a secret sauce and I'd rather it be kept that way!
    I've been yearning for something like this for quite some time - I have a LOT of saturation and distortion plugs and NONE of them can do what this obelisk can pump out. It does in a single instance what I'd normally need a chain of plugins to achieve.
    It's products like these that have really moved PA into the pole position for my plugin purchases.