Customer Reviews

  • Cascade

    by BK
    Elysia & PA are synonymous with excellence. Cascade just reinforces that moniker yet again. There are several flavors of saturation and distortion on the market. However, there are only a select few that really stand out, and this is one of them. The UI is functional and intuitive. The learning curve is relatively quick and painless. The tonal harmonics are fantastic. This plugin can be applied across the entire audio spectrum and make a home for itself. Boost and filter are rich and luscious. The gain is smooth and crisp. I used it alongside Black Box with some amazing results. PA does it again and I cannot speak highly enough of their product lines.
  • Deep 3D

    by rick drumss
    Really really beautiful plugin!!. no words just grab it!
    I just fell in love with the color and deepness 3D that i`m getting from it.
    Great work, congrats!!

    by Captain Lou on Sax
    Very interesting twist
    Great control over sound
    Love it!!
  • A nice addition to an over-saturated plugin folder

    by Jon Martin
    I gave Phil’s Cascade out and ended up making the purchase fairly quickly. It fits in nicely with the harmonics/distortion tools I have; it has an interesting and unique tone, the controls are intuitive, and, while there’s lots to learn about how to plugin works, you can simply twist knobs until it sounds good and move on.
    I found that I was able to get the result I was looking for on a lead vocal and set of backing vocals quickly and without the two or three plugins I would normally use to get the same type of saturated and controlled effect. I found that cranking up the gain to ~90%, adjusting the bias, and then playing with the filters until the tracks fit was an efficient workflow.
    Phil’s Cascade is a great compliment to my other favourite harmonic plugins, like Sound Toy’s Decapitator and Radiator, and UAD’s ATR-102 and Culture Vulture plugs – it definitely offers something different tonally and gets me where I need to go quickly. I think it’s colourful enough to use in creative mix jobs, but can still be clean enough to potentially use on a mastering job.
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    Awesome review, thanks!
  • Elysia's Phil's Cascade

    by Nefarious
    This is one of those plugins that you immediately fall in love with. I've tried it on a drum bus, leads, master bus and it hugs everything nicely! Or not if that's your thing.
    I can see this being in all of my projects in one way or another. PIA as always provide superb plugins. Thank You!
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  • Phil’s Cascade

    by Megatracks
    Just amazing pretty ridiculous what it does. Another flavor for the mix buss.
  • Phil's Cascade Magic

    by MKL
    Phil's Cascade is a special plugin that adds some magic to your tracks.
    Just insert it into a track or into any buss channel and start tweaking some of its controls, et voila!
    It does its magic.
  • Elysia Phil’s Cascade

    by L Schefman
    I love what real tubes do that plugins only approximate, and here I’m referring to the elusive liquidity that tubes seem to add to audio. But I’m “in the box” these days, so that’s not happening. Given that this is a plugin, it’s a really good one, with some nice flexibility, and it sounds different from my VSM3 and Black Box plugins. I especially liked the filter and some of the more esoteric options on the front panel when trying the demo, so I bought it. The interface is easy to work with. Overall, I think it’s pretty cool, and worth the price of admission!
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  • phils cascade

    by Elysia
    I tried to balance the male voiceover for an multimedia guide and was not quite satisfied with the results i got with my other plugins. The visitors in the exhibition will hear the sound on a little nifty one ear headphone which starts at 300 Hz. So i Cut the bass frequencies below 300 Hz, but then the sound was as nifty as the headphone. So i tried phils cascade and suddenly it worked verry well, because although i Cut the low frequencies as well, i was able to maintain a rich, warm and natural sound by playing with the other is fun and verry responsive
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    Thank you!
  • Crazy Interesting Saturation

    by Logan Sexton
    The sound mangling is crazy with this plug-in.. I own many saturation plugins but this one has a mind of its own! Elysia has done it again!
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