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  • Phil's Cascade

    by Tonehenge
    I've only had a chance to use Phil's Cascade for one get an acoustic bass to poke out from a fairly dense was a quick dialup and it did the job perfectly. Looking forward to more interactions with it!
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  • Phil's Cascade...

    by Krešimir Bikić
    Phil's Cascade is sooooo versatile plugin. Yes, I have a few others but "all-in-one box of tricks" for smooth and nice harmonic saturation, and distortion as well, is really nice to have in one place. And, beside the fact that this is proved and reliable elysia and PA, I feel confident that this one will make a huge difference in small dosages.
    These plugins afre like women and poison. Deadly in small quantities. Or large! It all depends...
  • Phil's Cascade

    by Domenico
    || just fantastic ||
  • OMGosh!

    by James Mullen
    OK, I was sceptical. For like 5 minutes. But although I own Black Box HG-2 (and love it to death!) and Vertigo VSM-3 and several other distortion / saturation tools from PA, I have to admit: Phil's Cascade is a completely different beast.
    Not better than all of the others, but really REALLY different. The way you crank up the distortion on the left side of the plugin and then "tame" things a bit if needed on the other side is so much fun, and within a minute or two I can pretty much place any signal into my mix. Phil's Cascade tightens up the low end nicely and glues things together, but without cutting too much low end. It sounds JUST RIGHT!
    I have tested this for a few hours now, but it's Mix Magic!
    Highly recommended.