Customer Reviews

  • Your new secret weapon

    by Jay Flay
    I'll admit, the folks who initially complained Phil's Cascade didn't sound like fairy dust (or too hard to dial in) initially turned me off.
    I'll be honest - I'm glad they hate it, because this thing is a secret sauce and I'd rather it be kept that way!
    I've been yearning for something like this for quite some time - I have a LOT of saturation and distortion plugs and NONE of them can do what this obelisk can pump out. It does in a single instance what I'd normally need a chain of plugins to achieve.
    It's products like these that have really moved PA into the pole position for my plugin purchases.
  • This is it !

    by Zo
    Ok , i don t write that much reviews , but for this one i had to !
    Why ?
    First the process , the guyz created a hardware to then emulate it , this is brilliant and logical , because sonically we know the sounds and effects of tubes , transistors ect , not 0 and 1 !
    So starting with the sound , the designing the algos is just pure genius .
    Elysia knows his stuff when it come to design hardware that always brings something to the table , and brainworx knows the 0 and 1 side !
    So the plugin , what does it bring ? Basically Elysia wanted to create a color box with that analog feel , saturation is cool , but pretty all saturations possible is way cooler ! And this what this babybis capable of .... you can empahsis like real hardware do , fundamentals or cerrtain freq , play with the sat , the bias is crucial ( to apprciate it , crank the drive and the move the bias for the harmonics levels structure ) , mix wet at your disposal , if you can t find something for any sound that needs anything , then the problem is not the plugin !
    And the most important , this plugin saturation just sounds RIGHT !!
    No magic , no voodoo , just familiar territory : analog !!!
    Try it , be sure to experiment , and have fun ... this one i, i will try to make a video for itself , it diserves it !

    by Ebro
    This is a long waited help for my ears, I've really been seaching something for ages to make my acoustic redordings, and others too, to have more sweetnes and softnes, so Phil's cascade is something that, I belive, will be used from now on a lot and alot...

    by B4Lasers
    Beautiful Sound Sculpting Capabilities. Im Grateful to be alive to witness such color.
  • Meet the Future

    by Jungle
    This is the future of plug-ins. Creating prototypical tube gear, imaginary combinations, outlandish concoctions and then emulating the actual gear and offering it to engineers and musicians. This plug-in is so good and is such a game changer, I dare say that anyone mixing ITB exclusively MUST have this gem, along with BX_Masterdesk.
    I own tube gear. I love tube gear. Used in combination with the amazing BX_Masterdesk, the combo of Phil's Cascade and Masterdesk will damn near provide everything you need to get that fat, crunchy warmth and punch that only real world analog can provide.
    Once again, Plugin Alliance and Elysia have created something very special to us engineers and musicians. Place this in the category of Must Have Secret Sauce recipes.
    Plugin Alliance response
  • Must have for me

    by Cesar
    if you work a lot with Virtual instrument and you need that touch of harmonic Distortion this is one plugin You want to have in your arsenal , I own I think all the best Plugins in the market for harmonic distortion and this plugin is more then that, is different, you guys need to try it, it did not deserve to have a 4.9 stars , deserves 5 stars and with the price for Back Friday ,Totally worth it , and for some of us that we own more then 20 plugins from plugin alliance they even gives us 50 dollars off on top of black Friday discount and the 75 Dollar Boucher for the month of November , thankyou Plugin Alliance
  • Will replace a lot of hardware

    by Quiethouse Recording
    I've owned or used some similarly built hardware including the Mammoth Cave Woolly Mammoth and the Kerwax Replica. In practice, these machines can be very useful boxes for color or processing sounds. The idea behind this plugin and the execution is almost flawless. It can go from light to extreme settings and everywhere in between, just don't use too much spice ;) I could not pass this up as a fan of al color plugins, this is one of the best. I would definitely say that it will replace a lot of hardware for certain users. Try a tape or color EQ after the box to make it sound more "vintage". Its great on its own or with other plugins to make great sound!
  • Excellent set of colours and saturation

    by Mark 'Ruff' Ryder
    Rather than just copy the same old gear as a one trick pony; This plugin brings some of those colours into one place with many more options to tweak and enhance. This is like a Swiss army knife of colours convert your digital sound into a great analogue sound. The options and variants in colour in one place makes this my go to option rather than just pulling up a one trick pony saturator. Its a whole new way to get fast results with varying quality models for sound sculpting and plumping.
    Plugin Alliance response
  • I'm kinda mad at you guys for not creating this much sooner!

    by PeteMarriott
    I specialize in composing and producing original boom bap music using hyper-sampled virtual instruments, and the key to this particular art form is to get your tones to sound like the records you would sample from your vinyl collection.
    Phil's Cascade is a perfect coloration tool in reaching such sonic goals. My sound design and mixing workflow has changed for the better thanks to this new plugin. I Love it! Thanks guys!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks, amazing way to use plugins!
  • Phil´s Cascade

    by Goldkind
    I First thought...oh another Distortion.
    But it´s not.It is a great Mixing Tool.