Customer Reviews

  • Must have for me

    by Cesar
    if you work a lot with Virtual instrument and you need that touch of harmonic Distortion this is one plugin You want to have in your arsenal , I own I think all the best Plugins in the market for harmonic distortion and this plugin is more then that, is different, you guys need to try it, it did not deserve to have a 4.9 stars , deserves 5 stars and with the price for Back Friday ,Totally worth it , and for some of us that we own more then 20 plugins from plugin alliance they even gives us 50 dollars off on top of black Friday discount and the 75 Dollar Boucher for the month of November , thankyou Plugin Alliance
  • Will replace a lot of hardware

    by Quiethouse Recording
    I've owned or used some similarly built hardware including the Mammoth Cave Woolly Mammoth and the Kerwax Replica. In practice, these machines can be very useful boxes for color or processing sounds. The idea behind this plugin and the execution is almost flawless. It can go from light to extreme settings and everywhere in between, just don't use too much spice ;) I could not pass this up as a fan of al color plugins, this is one of the best. I would definitely say that it will replace a lot of hardware for certain users. Try a tape or color EQ after the box to make it sound more "vintage". Its great on its own or with other plugins to make great sound!
  • Excellent set of colours and saturation

    by Mark 'Ruff' Ryder
    Rather than just copy the same old gear as a one trick pony; This plugin brings some of those colours into one place with many more options to tweak and enhance. This is like a Swiss army knife of colours convert your digital sound into a great analogue sound. The options and variants in colour in one place makes this my go to option rather than just pulling up a one trick pony saturator. Its a whole new way to get fast results with varying quality models for sound sculpting and plumping.
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  • I'm kinda mad at you guys for not creating this much sooner!

    by PeteMarriott
    I specialize in composing and producing original boom bap music using hyper-sampled virtual instruments, and the key to this particular art form is to get your tones to sound like the records you would sample from your vinyl collection.
    Phil's Cascade is a perfect coloration tool in reaching such sonic goals. My sound design and mixing workflow has changed for the better thanks to this new plugin. I Love it! Thanks guys!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks, amazing way to use plugins!
  • Phil´s Cascade

    by Goldkind
    I First thought...oh another Distortion.
    But it´s not.It is a great Mixing Tool.
  • elysia Phil's Cascade

    by buckan
    elysia Phil's Cascade is based on a very esoteric hardware! It can be heared that the components come from the last century, it does spice up your DAW, from vintage distortion to subtle exciter.
    The tonal variation is limited, but to me it doesn't matter, because I use all PA distortion and exciter plugins, and while Phil's Cascade is less flexible, it has a 'quality' that is unique for plugins. I percieve that it has exactly the warmth and shine that so many ITB producers have been looking for, although leaning to a vintage tone.
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  • From subtle to brutal

    by StevenK
    After I learned with the Vertigo VSM-3 that distortion on the master track can improve the mix - I now can give the needed "touch" on specific instruments. I can say that the Cascade is great on vocals and sampled instruments. (I am sure it will be great on synth sounds - but I don't use synths very often...) I have experienced that there is no need to start with the boost function - and it is very likely that the dampening option (e.g. on E-Piano) might do the job... Boosting is another option to make it sound harsh and brutal, if you want. To my experience it can do a lot in unexpected ways. It is a great option to sculpt sounds of an instrument - far more versatile than I expected.
  • Cardi B's (Bodak Yellow) Engineer

    by @ASHBYMIX - IG
    Makes my drum bus HUGE and then i can control the Wet/Dry make things sound fully under control! =)
  • Analog Goodness

    by A Hoover
    This plugin is very unique in the character it brings as well as the flexibility in being able to dial in just the right amount of each component to achieve the sound you want.
    I love the warmth and the saturation it provides when pushed. The mix function allows for parallel processing which is great for the master buss or stems. Sounds lovely on drums and bass particularly.
    There's not much to really complain about. Some built in sidechain filtering would be on my wish list. Overall this thing is a beast.
  • Cascade

    by Terry
    It's every thing they say it is. !!